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Noodles & Rice

Recipe of the Day: Filipino Fried Noodles (Pancit)

Pancit is probably one of the most well-known (and well-loved!) Filipino dishes. more

The Dietary Culture of Asia

A scholar explores the various food traditions and cuisines of Asian culture. more

Thin Noodles with Kimchi

Refreshing noodle dish with a spicy twist. more
(Photo by audreyjm529/Flickr)

Rice with Sour Cherries (Albalu polow)

Savor the taste of Persia with this unique rice dish. more
(Photo by Andrew K Brown/Flickr)

Festive Biriani

A one-dish banquet with layers of savory chicken or lamb. more
Photo by Just_Maria/flickr

Yellow Rice

A favorite festive dish in Southeast Asia. The flavorings and spices may vary but the end result is rich and delicious. more
Photo by lemonifresh/flickr

Thai Fried Rice (Khao Phat)

Deliciously exotic fried rice dish. Serve with cucumbers and spring onions. more
(Photo by Haley GR/Flickr)

Sweet Mung Bean Porridge

Get the recipe to this warming and comforting sweet-tasting porridge. more
Photo by amandawoodward/flickr

Sushi Rice

This is the slightly sweet, slightly sour rice which forms the basis of all sushi. more
Sticky Reice with Coconut (Photo by Charles Haynes/flickr)

Sticky Rice with Coconut

Get the recipe to this easy-to-make sweet snack. more