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Get the recipe to this deliciously crispy bean curd-wrapped pork sausages. more
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Liver Curry

This dish has a fine and delicately spicy flavor. Serve it with rice. more
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Lion's Head

Tender and meltingly soft, these large meatballs are full of exotic flavors. more
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Lampries Curry

This unusual (but delicious!) curry combines four different meats. more
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Lamb with Spices and Yogurt (Korma)

Get the recipe for this wonderfully tender lamb dish. more
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Lamb with Apricots

A homestyle recipe from the talented cooks of the Parsi community in Bombay. more
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Lamb Kebabs

Wonderful for barbecues and parties, but equally good for family meals. more
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Kidneys in Hot Sour Sauce

Get the recipe to this tasty Szechwan-style dish. more
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Kangaroo with Chlli-Bean Sauce

A delicious, exotic meat recipe for the epicurious. more
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Jungle Curry of Pork

An easy-to-make pork dish that's hot and full of flavor. more