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Photo by Elsa Ruiz/Asia Society


Get the recipe to this classic dish of marinated dice-sized meat on skewers. more
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Roast Leg of Lamb

The traditional roast dinner takes on overtones of splendor with flavors that graced the tables of emperors. more
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Pork-Filled Sago Balls (Sakhu Sai Hmu)

In Thailand, sago is used for more than puddings. Try this delicious pork dish. more
Pork with Chestnuts (Photo by food_in_mouth/flickr)

Pork with Chestnuts

Chestnuts are braised with pork for a delicious, hearty meal. more
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Pork Vindaloo

Classic hot and spicy Indian pork stew. more
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Pork Adobo

This method of cooking with plenty of garlic, pepper and vinegar is popular in the Philippines. more
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Mutton with Onions (Doh Piaza)

Serve this delicious spiced lamb dish with rice or indian breads. more
Mongolian Lamb (Photo by snapperworlf/flickr)

Mongolian Lamb

Don't like lamb? The delicious, strong-flavored sauce of this dish will make you change your mind. more
(Photo by Mr Bren/Flickr)

Moghlai Lamb with Walnut Sauce

A classic Moghul lamb dish with walnuts. more
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Malaysian Mutton Curry (Gulai Kambing)

Try this Malaysian spiced lamb dish for an extraordinary dinner. more