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(Photo by seriouslygood1/Flickr)

Spicy Plantain Curry

Get the recipe to this sweet-and-spicy favorite. more
(Photo by Sam Felder/Flickr)

Plantains with Coconut and Chilli

Get the recipe to this sweet-and-spicy dish. more
(Photo by Amit Gupta/Flickr)

Mangoes (Moghul-Style)

Get the recipe to this delicious, simple-to-make North Indian favorite. more
(Photo by roboppy/Flickr)

Fried Bananas

A favorite accompaniment to a curry meal (the sweetness contrasts the spiciness of curry). more
(Photo by Arbitrary.Marks/Flickr)

Green Plantain Skin Temperado

Never thought about eating banana skin? Try this incredibly tasty recipe. more
(Photo by Denni Schnapp/Flickr)

Baked Stuffed Breadfruit

Try this recipe for a nutritious and tasty snack. more
(Photo by Foma/Flickr)

Pineapple Coconut Curry

This spicy curry from Southeast Asia is a surprising setting for fruit. more
(Photo by sfllaw/Flickr)

Jackfruit Curry

Served with rice, this makes a great vegetarian dish. more
Mango Pickle (Photo by Zero-X/flickr)

Hot Mango Pickle

This is an oil pickle, made with mangoes so unripe the seeds are easy to cut through. more
Guavas (Photo by remusse/flickr)

Guava Jelly

Get the recipe for this sweet, delicious jelly. more