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Tup Tim Krob (Photo by megnut/flickr)

Tup Tim Krob

Light and refreshing, with glistening 'rubies' swimming in sweetened coconut milk and crushed ice. more
Photo by nycnosh/flickr

Real Ginger Beer

This tasty beverage is a favorite in tropical Asia. more

Papaya Drink with Lime

Get the recipe to this refreshing fruit drink. more
Hibiscus Drink (Photo by Thai Food Blog/flickr)

Hibiscus Drink

With its purifying properties, this is a refreshing, healthy drink. Serve it hot or cold. more

Ginger Tea

A healthy tea with a spicy, invigorating flavor. more
Falooda (Photo by edseloh/flickr)


A refreshing drink-dessert popular in Mumbai and its surrounding cities. more
(Photo by Alexandra Moss/Flickr)

Cumin and Tamarind Refresher (Zeera Pani)

Zeera pani (or jeera pani), is a refreshing drink served as an appetizer or as a digestive. more
(Photo by crush with eyeliner/Flickr)

Coriander and Ginger Brew

Sweetened with sugar, coriander and ginger brew is a godsend to cold and flu sufferers. more
(Photo by flappingwings/Flickr)

Burmese Tapioca Refresher (Moh Let Saung)

Need to cool down? Try this iced coconut milk with sago. more
Almonds (Photo by Saquan Stimpson/flickr)

Almond Tea

A delicious, healthy drink to warm you up. more