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Get the recipe for this simple-to-make, delicate Persian pastry. more
(Photo by mswine/Flickr)

Syrup for Falooda

This scented syrup is available in Asian shops, but is easy enough to make. more
Kulfi (Photo by Quintanaroo/flickr)

Indian Cream (Malai)

This cream is used in sweetmeats and the famous Indian ice cream, kulfi. more
Photo by nemo's great uncle/flickr

Almond Jelly

This recipe uses blanched apricot kernels sometimes called 'almonds'. They are smaller than almonds and have a stronger flavor. more
(Photo by VirtualErn/Flickr)

Banana Blossom Guinatan

A warm, coconut milky creamy dessert with banana blossoms. more
Photo by magical-world/flickr

Mangoes with Sticky Rice

A favorite Thai dessert, this rice pudding dessert is enhanced by sweet, creamy sliced mangoes. more