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Korean Fish Cake with Chili Paste (Photo by jslander/flickr)

Korean Fish Cake with Chili Paste

This is served as a kim chi, a relish to liven up the rice. more
(Photo by

Mermaid's Tresses

The addition of a sprinkling of crisply fried, tiny dried shrimp over the finely shredded cabbage adds flavor and extra texture. more

Kim Chi

A traditional Korean fermented dish made of vegetables with varied seasonings. more
(Photo by avlxyz/Flickr)

Steamed Egg Roll with Pork

A savory egg roll stuffed with minced pork and seasonings. more
(Photo by orgazmika/Flickr)

Koftas in Saffron Sauce

In Kashmir, these koftas are invariably part of the Kashmiri wazwan or feast of many courses. more