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(Photo by alexstaubo/Flickr)

Fresh Chili Omelette

A spicy egg dish to start off a meal. more
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Eggs in Soy and Chili (Son-in-Law Eggs)

A Thai recipe which has its counterpart in mother-in-law eggs. more

Deviled Cashews

This tasty dish is served as a savory with pre-dinner drinks in the chili belt of Asia. more
(Photo by u n a m i/Flickr)

Deep-Fried Crisps (Sev, Murukku)

Ajowan delightfully flavors this spicy Indian snack. more
Coconut Pancakes (Photo by elisataufik/flickr)

Coconut Pancakes

Pancakes so tasty, you won't need syrup. more
Cambodian-Style Spring Rolls (Photo by pengrin/flickr)

Cambodian-Style Spring Rolls

Try the unique flavors of Cambodian-style cooking with these delicious dumplings. more

Boiled Cashews

Go nuts over this simple recipe for a delicious appetizer or snack. more

Mung Bean Pancakes (Nokdu Bindae Ddeok)

Pancakes: not just for breakfast anymore. Try this savory Korean version. more
Anchovy (Photo by KitAy/flickr)


More than just for pizza or Ceasar salad, this tasty salt-water fish perks up dishes. more
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Sri Lankan Eggplant Pickle

A tasty, vegetarian-friendly side dish. more