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Pot Stickers

These popular, delicious Chinese dumplings are pan-fried on the bottom and steamed on top. more
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Fried Anchovies with Dried Peanuts

A delicious crisp nibble served with drinks. The salt, fish, hot and sweet flavors compete for attention. more
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Parsi-Style Spicy Scrambled Eggs (Akoori)

A traditional Parsi favorite. more
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Panir (Paneer)

Simple, fresh cheese dish. more
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Pajeon (Pan-Fried Green Onion and Seafood Pancakes)

A hearty Korean dish of eggs, minced green onions and seafood. more
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Marbled Tea Eggs

A Chinese savory snack and tasty alternative to hard-boiled eggs. more
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Omelette Curry

Simple but delicious Indian recipe. more
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Japanese Omelette (Tamagoyaki)

Get the recipe for this staple in Japanese bento boxes, lunches and children's meals. more
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Fresh Spring Rolls

Try this Asian favorite that's great as a fresh summertime appetizer. more
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Fried Wontons

An easy recipe for wontons--a sure hit at your next party. more