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Challenges and Prospects for Afghanistan's Future

Asia Society Afghanistan 21 Young Leader Salma Alokozai cites some of the challenges and prospects facing young Afghans after 2014. more

For Young Afghans, Hope Amid Uncertainty

Freshta Karim argues that despite an uncertain security scenario looming after 2014, the gains of the past 12 years still give young Afghans hope. more

National Unity and Patriotism in Afghanistan

Sadiq Amini lays out four challenges for Afghan youth today, such as the older generation's lack of confidence in their leadership abilities. more

Afghan Youth Are the Present, Not Just the Future

Mohammad Shafiq Hamdam underlines the importance of young Afghans to the country's present, not just its future. more

For Afghans, Education Means Empowered Youth

Ahmad Shuja emphasizes the importance of empowerment and education for the younger generation of Afghans. more
Francesco Bandarin, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Culture.

Heritage and Conflict

UNESCO official to present recent cases and discuss ways to improve and extend the protection of cultural heritage. more
Asia Society 21 Afghanistan Young Leader Jamil Danish in Kabul in October 2013.

Young Afghan Leader Says Fair Elections Will Prevent New 'Dark Ages' in His Country

Fresh off an Asia Society forum with his peers, Jamil Danish sees a positive future for Afghanistan if elections in 2014 are legitimate. more

New Ideas and Open Doors in Afghanistan

Asia Society Afghanistan 21 Young Leader Jamil Danish outlines the differing outlooks among three generations of today's Afghans. more
Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (L) with U.S. President Barack Obama in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC on Oct. 23, 2013. (Dennis Brack-Pool/Getty Images)

Abbas: Obama and Sharif Meeting Signals Action Must Follow Words

U.S.-Pakistan relations are clearly improving, notes Asia Society Senior Adviser Hassan Abbas, but American drone strikes are an increasingly divisive sticking point. more
Sampat Pal, leader of India's "Gulabi Gang." (Amana Fontanella-Khan)

Interview: Pink is Powerful as India's 'Gulabi Gang' Offers Hope for Oppressed Women

Dressed in a bright pink sari and armed with a bamboo stick, 55-year old Sampat Pal has become the unlikely leader of a grassroots movement for women's rights in India. more