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Afghan Media Mogul Saad Mohseni on the State of US Cable News

Saad Mohseni, an Asia Society Asia 21 Young Leader and Moby Group chairman, shares his views on U.S. cable news and how it differs from coverage in Afghanistan. more

Changing the Narrative of Afghanistan's Future (Complete)

Saad Mohseni, Aarya Nijat, and Faiysal AliKhan talk to Tom Freston about Afghanistan's young people, and rewriting expectations for the future. more

Asia 21: Tom Freston

Tom Freston, principal of Firefly3 and Asia Society trustee, discusses his involvement with the Afghanistan chapter of the Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative. more

Asia 21: Faiysal AliKhan

Asia 21 Young Leader Faiysal AliKhan, a research fellow at the New America Foundation, describes how he became a part of the initiative and shares anecdotes about his fellow young leaders from all around Asia. more

Asia 21: Saad Mohseni

Asia 21 Young Leader Saad Mohseni discusses the positive impacts of Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative, such as allowing emerging leaders to address the Afghanistan-Pakistan region's problems collectively. more
"No Good Men Among the Living: America, the Taliban, and the War through Afghan Eyes" (Metropolitan Books, 2014) by Anand Gopal (R).

Interview: Afghanistan Observer Sees Same 'Failed Status Quo' Continuing After Election

Journalist Anand Gopal speaks frankly about the "tragedy, the catch-22" of Afghanistan on the eve of its 2014 election. more
An Afghan roadside vendor hangs scarves next to political leaflets on a wall in Kabul on April 4, 2014. Some 12 million Afghans will go to the polls on April 5 to elect a new president. (Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images)

Photos: A Glimpse of Afghanistan Before and During a Historic Election [UPDATED]

In pictures: Afghanistan gears up for its third presidential election since the fall of the Taliban in 2001. more
Afghan men fill a local hall as they listen to a presidential candidate during his last speech of the campaign on April 2, 2014. (Wakil Kohsar/AFP/Getty Images)
A Historic Election in Afghanistan
For the first time, political power in Afghanistan will be transferred from one elected president to another through a democratic process. more
Afghan election employee, Forouzan Barez checks the plastic boxes containing election material at a warehouse prior to transportation to the polling centers, in the northwestern city of Herat on April 3, 2014. (Behrouz Mehri/AFP/Getty Images)

Afghanistan Literally Can't Afford to Hold an Election That Isn't Free and Fair

Because a key condition for the continuation of international aid to Afghanistan is a comprehensive, transparent and credible vote, Saturday's election takes on even greater importance. more