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A still from Justin Chon's film Gook. (Birthday Soup Films LLC)

'Gook' Director Justin Chon's Quest To Ignite Conversations

An interview with the actor, writer, and director whose new film explores Korean-black relations during the 1992 Los Angeles riots. more

Rock Climbing — Career Road Mapping (Complete)

Senior directors from four different leading companies discuss how to adjust to the changes that are always taking place in the workplace. more

Key Findings From the 2017 Asian Pacific Americans Corporate Survey (Complete)

Global diversity directors start off the 2017 Diversity Leadership Forum with some key initiatives for promoting and developing Asian Pacific American Leaders.   more
Representatives from award-winning companies at the 2017 Best Employer Awards Ceremony at the Asia Society in New York on May 24, 2017. (Ellen Wallop/Asia Society)

Asia Society Recognizes 2017 Best Employers for Asian Pacific Americans

Fourteen companies recognized at the 2017 Best Asian Pacific American Employer Awards at the Diversity Leadership Forum in New York. more
Infographic: 2017 Asian Pacific Americans Corporate Survey

East Asians Less Likely to Occupy Leadership Roles than South Asians at US Companies, Asia Society Survey Finds

Gap may be caused by cultural differences between the two groups, with East Asians less likely to push for a promotion or raise. more
Media Advisory: 2017 Asian Pacific Americans Corporate Survey & Awards
Fortune 500 executives discuss diversity in the workplace and how to engage Asian Pacific American employees more

DLF Spotlight: Best Practices

David Reid of Asia Society and Vipul Sheth of Medtronic give a dual presentation at the 2016 West Coast Diversity Leadership Forum about the Asia Society 2016 Asian Pacific Americans Corporate Survey. more

2016 West Coast Diversity Leadership Forum Closing Keynote

Syndie Kohara of Kohara LLC interviews Assemblymember Phil Ting of the California 19th District during the closing keynote at the 2016 West Coast Diversity Leadership Forum. more