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Papua New Guinea's Climate Challenge: Community-Based Land (Complete)

Dr. Eddie Game and Papua New Guinea Conservation Coordinator Manuai Matawai discuss some of the challenges and share highlights of their climate change work in Asia Pacific. more
Dr. Rashneh Pardiwala. (Alexis Agliano Sanborn/Asia Society)

Interview: Why It's Hard to 'Change Mindsets' on Environmental Protection Among India's Elites

Dr. Rashneh Pardiwala discusses how she's helping push environmental research and education amid India's dire need for a sustainable mindset. more

How Moving Away From the 'Old Model' of Journalism Led to 'Revelatory' Stories Out of India

Bloomberg journalists Rajesh Kumar Singh, Tom Lasseter, and Jonathan Kaufman tell George Stephanopoulos how in-depth reporting on an international team led them to report the stories that won the 2015 'Oz Prize.' more
Rising sea levels could dramatically alter the Pearl River Delta, where more than 30 million people live.

Multimedia: How Would Rising Sea Levels Transform China's Coastal Cities?

Cartographer Jeffrey Linn's maps show what China's coastal cities may look like in the future if the world's sea levels continue to rise. more
A woman complaining of muscle pains consistent with metal contamination waits in a hospital in the Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh, India. (Redux/Bloomberg)

Interview: Reporter Chronicles the 'Forgotten' Victims of India's Energy Development Drive

2015 Osborn Elliott Prize winner Rakteem Katakey discusses energy reporting and the 'collateral damage' from India's development. more