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Worldwide Locations


Empty plastic bottles in China. (Carsten ten Brink/Flickr)

Video: Trash Talking, Literally, with China's Determined Documentarian Wang Jiuliang

Filmmaker Wang Jiuliang talks about his experience documenting landfills in Beijing and his upcoming documentary 'Plastic China.' more

Waking the Green Tiger: Documentaries from the Front Lines of China's Environmental Crisis

August 18-2, 2014. Film series explores China's environmental crisis and the people working on its front lines. more

Screening: The Last Moose of Aoluguya

Filmmaker Gu Tao follows Weijia, a member of the Ewenti minority group, whose population is dwindling in northern China. more

Screening: A Farmer's Struggle and Yak Dung

Two short films, "A Farmer's Struggle" and "Yak Dung," follow the threatened livelihoods of two previously sustainable communities. more
"Plastic China" (dir. Wang Jiuliang)

Discussion: Plastic China

A documentary-in-progress uncovers the human and environmental costs of imported plastic waste in China. more

Screening: Waking the Green Tiger

Documentary follows the extraordinary grassroots campaign that stopped a huge dam project on the upper Yangtze River in southwestern China. more
The Indus River near Kalabagh, Pakistan. (arsalank2/Flickr)

Interview: Journalist's 'Indus Republic' Tells a 'Ghost Story' About a Diminished River

"Water is increasingly becoming a battlefront within Pakistan," says Karachi-based Alizeh Kohari. "It seems we're always confronted with the prospect of a deluge or a desert here." more
(James West)

Interview: What Costs Will Fracking Bring to China?

Ahead of a June 19 panel discussion, Mother Jones reporter Jaeah Lee and Climate Desk producer James West talk about China's fracking plans and its energy future. more
Professor Gordon L. Clark of the University of Oxford at Asia Society Hong Kong Center on May 13, 2014. (Asia Society Hong Kong Center)

Gordon L. Clark on Enterprise and the Environment

University of Oxford Professor Gordon L. Clark took an economic perspective on environmental issues. more

US-India Energy Cooperation (Complete)

Dr. Ernest Moniz and Sumant Sinha assess the state of U.S.-India energy cooperation. more