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Rising sea levels could dramatically alter the Pearl River Delta, where more than 30 million people live.

Multimedia: How Would Rising Sea Levels Transform China's Coastal Cities?

Cartographer Jeffrey Linn's maps show what China's coastal cities may look like in the future if the world's sea levels continue to rise. more
A woman complaining of muscle pains consistent with metal contamination waits in a hospital in the Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh, India. (Redux/Bloomberg)

Interview: Reporter Chronicles the 'Forgotten' Victims of India's Energy Development Drive

2015 Osborn Elliott Prize winner Rakteem Katakey discusses energy reporting and the 'collateral damage' from India's development. more
K. Shobha (left) and K. Krishna stand beside a portrait of their daughter, Kasarla Rishitha Reddy, who was among those killed in the Beas River flood. (Tom Lasseter/Bloomberg)

Interview: Bloomberg's Tom Lasseter on the 'Immense Value' of In-Depth Reporting on Asia

Bloomberg News reporter and co-winner of the 2015 Osborn Elliott Prize for Excellence in Journalism on Asia reflects on reporting from Iraq, Russia, China, and India. more

Changing Climate, Changing Cities: Panel One

Experts discuss questions and challenges associated with the combination of urbanization and climate change. more

Changing Climate, Changing Cities: Nobel Laureates Dialogue

Four Nobel Laureates discuss problems associated with climate change and what sustainable solutions could help support humanity. more
Asia Society Hong Kong Hosts Nobel Laureates Dialogue on Sustainability and Climate Change
Three-day symposium on global sustainability brings together seven Nobel Laureates. more
Kevin Rudd delivers a keynote speech at the third annual PCSI Forum in Beijing on April 20. (Jing Qian)
Kevin Rudd Delivers Keynote Address at PCSI Forum in Beijing
The Asia Society Policy Institute president discussed the outlook for Asia in the fight against climate change. more
Professor Brian Schmidt, winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics. (TEDxSydney 2012/Enzo Amato)

Interview: Nobel Laureate 'Scared' for Humanity as Earth's Climate Shifts

Ahead of an Asia Society Hong Kong panel discussion, astrophysicist Brian Schmidt says he's not sure if humanity has the discipline to confront climate change. more
A small family of snub-nosed monkeys. (Xi Zhinong)

Photos: The Mysterious Chinese Monkey That's 'as Endangered as the Panda'

A new documentary focuses on a rare species of snub-nosed monkey from the secluded mountain forests of Southern China that until recently was barely known to the outside world. more
Former U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu discusses China and clean energy with Orville Schell and Geoffrey Cowan in San Francisco on March 4, 2015. (Asia Society)

Video: Steven Chu Says Being a US Government Scientist Made Him 'the Jackie Robinson of Nerds'

Onstage in San Francisco, the former U.S. Secretary of Energy explains how, in certain respects, China utilizes clean energy better than the United States does. more