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The Indus River near Kalabagh, Pakistan. (arsalank2/Flickr)

Interview: Journalist's 'Indus Republic' Tells a 'Ghost Story' About a Diminished River

"Water is increasingly becoming a battlefront within Pakistan," says Karachi-based Alizeh Kohari. "It seems we're always confronted with the prospect of a deluge or a desert here." more
(James West)

Interview: What Costs Will Fracking Bring to China?

Ahead of a June 19 panel discussion, Mother Jones reporter Jaeah Lee and Climate Desk producer James West talk about China's fracking plans and its energy future. more
Professor Gordon L. Clark of the University of Oxford at Asia Society Hong Kong Center on May 13, 2014. (Asia Society Hong Kong Center)

Gordon L. Clark on Enterprise and the Environment

University of Oxford Professor Gordon L. Clark took an economic perspective on environmental issues. more

US-India Energy Cooperation (Complete)

Dr. Ernest Moniz and Sumant Sinha assess the state of U.S.-India energy cooperation. more
Beijing's air quality in the early morning hours of November 2, 2013, as pictured by China Air Daily.

Interview: Blue Skies So Rare in China They Are Considered 'Tourist Attractions'

With China's air quality once again making headlines in recent weeks, we check in with China Air Daily's Michael Zhao to see if there's any reason for hope. more

DOE Official Compares Japan, U.S. Views on Energy Security

Jeffrey Miller outlines differences and similarities in response to new energy landscape. more

Can India's Cities Be Made to Work?

Jeb Brugmann continued the ConocoPhillips Environmental Lecture Series with a discussion. more
Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady River, January 2013. (Flickr/Francisco Anzola)

Myanmar Rises to Challenge of Environmental Conservation

Growing environmental awareness in Myanmar is an encouraging development in one of the world's last pristine ecosystems. more
A Beijing resident holds up a FLOAT kite fitted with an air quality sensor. (Joshua Frank/ChinaFile)

Video: Sensors Strapped to Kites Search for Clues in Beijing's Dirty Air

Two U.S. graduate students design kites with sensors that can easily monitor Beijing's air quality and send data back to the people on the ground. more
Looking south toward Beijing's Bell and Drum Towers from north of the city's second ring road in the afternoon on January 12, 2013. (David Green/China Air Daily)

Photos: Watch Beijing's Air Quality Get Worse and Worse and Worse and ...

As the "airpocalypse" continues in northern China, we check in with Michael Zhao, founder of Asia Society's China Air Daily website, to see if there are any signs of hope. more