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How to Work on a Global Team

Roderick Flores, the senior IT project manager at Daimler Trucks North America, discusses the importance of global knowledge and skills when working as part of a global team. more

The Global World of Culinary Arts

Gregory Gourdet, the culinary director of Departure Restaurants, Sage Restaurant Group, and a Top Chef finalist, explores the global nature of jobs in the culinary field. more

Global Careers in Energy

Laurel Vallarta, the project control specialists at Portland General Electric, shares the global aspects of her job and the skills needed to work with people around the world. more
Global CTE Toolkit
Find resources for integrating global competence into your CTE classroom with this toolkit. more
Global Competence Through Career and Technical Education
Learn about a new professional development course designed to help CTE educators integrate global competence into their curriculum. more

Asia Society Chinese Language Teachers Institute

Learn about Asia Society's Chinese Language Teachers Institute, an annual professional development event that provides targeted and effective training in methodologies to Chinese language teachers. more
Lesson Plan Deconstruction Protocol
Deconstruct a global science lesson plan in 12 steps, then construct your own plan to co-create real-world interdisciplinary activities. more
Science and Global Competency
A rationale for why and how to make science education global in nature. more
A GPS for Success: Updated and Improved
Asia Society's Graduation Performance System (GPS) prepare students for the global innovation age. Frameworks and tools for teachers and students. more
Successful Approaches to Immersion Teaching
Five skills to hone for effective immersion teaching. more