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Screen capture from the Wall Street Journal's new documentary 'Bo Xilai: Inside the Scandal.' (

Watch: China's Bo Xilai Scandal in Less Than 18 Minutes

The Wall Street Journal summarizes the rise and fall of Bo Xilai with a short documentary by Josh Chin. more

Toward a Post-Communist, Post-Confucian China

Ian Johnson, Roderick MacFarquhar and moderator Orville Schell speculate about what China's near future might conceivably look like. more

How Stable Is China? (Complete)

In the wake of the Bo Xilai scandal, Ian Johnson, Roderick MacFarquhar and Orville Schell assess China's recent political upheavals and its upcoming change of leadership more
Ian Johnson in Beijing in 1984, before the city's air pollution got to him. (Hong Kong Economic Journal)

Interview: Ian Johnson on China's Caves, Politics and Air Quality

Asia Society Associate Fellow Jeffrey Wasserstrom caught up with the Pulitzer Prize-winning Beijing-based journalist in advance of his June 21 appearance at Asia Society New York. more
Chairman Mao on China's 100 yuan note. (super.heavy/Flickr)

China's Microbloggers Ask: What's the Net Worth of Our Government Officials?

Asia Society Associate Fellow Steven Lewis says state-sponsored Chinese media's coverage of a call for disclosure of finances by government officials could put transparency "on the table" at the National Congress later this year. more
A man begs on a street as a woman passes by in Shanghai on May 9, 2012. China could face an economic crisis in the next 20 years if it does not quickly overhaul its development model, World Bank and Chinese government researchers warned recently. (Peter Parks/AFP/GettyImages)

The Paradox of China's Reform

If China’s national imperative today is reform, the greatest threat to that goal is the massive influence and institutionalized corruption of the country’s entrenched elites, writes Asia Society Senior Fellow Jamie Metzl. more
The scandal surrounding ousted Chinese official Bo Xilai (L) got Asia Society Associate Fellow Jeffrey Wasserstrom thinking about some of his favorite noir books about China. (Bo Xilai photo by Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images)

Shanghai, Bo Xilai and 5 China Noirs You Should Read this Summer

After a brief primer on the "wicked old treaty port" of Shanghai, Asia Society Associate Fellow Jeffrey Wasserstrom suggests some China-crime-themed summer reading. more