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Actress We Ke Xi, in character (L) and out (R). (Courtesy We Ke Xi)

Interview: Film Actress Wu Ke-Xi Reveals the Making of an Ordinary Myanmar Woman

Myanmar filmmaker Midi Z’s leading lady is in fact a cosmopolitan chameleon from Taiwan. more
A new video gives insights into the Earth Goddess (Vasudhara) featured in Asia Sociey Museum's exhibition "Buddhist Art of Myanmar."

Video: Serene Yet Formidable, a Kneeling Earth Goddess Wrings Out Her Hair

Sylvia Fraser-Lu, guest curator for the exhibition "Buddhist Art of Myanmar," gives the back story behind a "wonderful, solid, dignified, firmly rooted" Earth Goddess (Vasudhara). more
On loan from the Bagan Archeological Museum in Myanmar, "Birth of the Buddha" is a sandstone sculpture that dates from the late twelfth century CE.

Video: A Celebrated Birth Carved in Sandstone Makes Its Way From Myanmar

Guest Curator Donald M. Stadtner shares his insights into a sandstone sculpture depicting the Buddha's entry into the world. more

Buddhist Art of Myanmar: The Intersection of Faith and Karma (Complete)

Donald M. Stadtner, one of two guest curators of the Asia Society Museum exhibition "Buddhist Art of Myanmar," offers an in-depth perspective on the exhibition. more
Myanmar president Thein Sein (L) and legislator Aung San Suu Kyi (R) speaking at Asia Society events in 2012. (Kenji Takigami/Joshua Roberts)

Myanmar's Moment: New Democracy at a Crossroads?

The Asia Society Policy Institute presents an expert panel discussion on Myanmar’s political and economic transition and the opportunities and challenges ahead for the country. more

Buddhist Art of Myanmar: Earth Goddess (Vasudhara)

Sylvia Fraser-Lu, guest curator for Asia Society Museum's exhibition "Buddhist Art of Myanmar," discusses a wood sculpture of a serene female figure and her role in local Buddhist lore. more

Buddhist Art of Myanmar: Birth of the Buddha

Donald Stadtner, a guest curator of "Buddhist Art of Myanmar," shares insights into a late-12th-century sandstone sculpture depicting the Buddha's semi-divine origin. more

Buddhist Art of Myanmar: 19th-Century Bronze Bell

Asia Society's Adriana Proser explains the significance, for Buddhists, of a 19th-c. bronze bell featured in the exhibition "Buddhist Art of Myanmar." more
Plaque with image of seated Buddha; Pagan period, 11th–13th century; Gilded metal with polychrome; H. 7 x W. 61/4 x D. 1/4 in. (17.8 x 15.9 x 0.6 cm). Bagan Archaeological Museum. (Sean Dungan)

Interview: Bureaucracy, Bumpy Roads No Deterrent to Bringing Myanmar's Art to US

Asia Society Museum's Adriana Proser recounts the long, complex back story behind the upcoming exhibition "Buddhist Art of Myanmar." more
Buddha seated in dharmacakra mudra; Pagan period, 11th century; Sandstone; H. 42 x W. 27 x D. 10 in. (106.7 x 68.6 x 25.4 cm)l Bagan Archaeological Museum (Sean Dungan)

From Myanmar, With Love: An Ancient Buddha's Historic Journey to New York City

The 11th-century stone Buddha is just one of many treasures leaving Myanmar for the first time for Asia Society Museum's landmark exhibition 'Buddhist Art of Myanmar,' opening Feb. 10 in New York. more