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An assortment of intricately decorated bells hang in a souvenir shop in Bagan, Myanmar on May 6, 2015. (Alex Mueller/Flickr)

Photo of the Day: Beautiful Bells in Myanmar

An assortment of intricately decorated bells hang in a souvenir shop in Bagan, Myanmar on May 6, 2015. (Alex Mueller/Flickr) more
Myanmar Votes 2015: Why Myanmar's Elections Matter
Priscilla Clapp, Scot Marciel, and David Steinberg presented their views on why Myanmar’s elections in November 2015 are so important and what we can expect in both their run-up and their aftermath. more
Rohingya women who left their village to flee Burma to Bangladesh in early 2009. (Greg Constantine)

Interview: Photographer Documents 'The Horror' Facing Myanmar's Rohingya

2009 Osborn Elliott Prize winner Greg Constantine discusses his work depicting the struggles of stateless minority groups around the world through photography. more
A man takes a picture next to a banner set up for an exhibition for popular animation character Hello Kitty in Hong Kong, 29 August 2005. (Phillipe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images)

Weekly Rewind: Pakistan's Scrabble Geniuses, Monet on Display in Tehran, and the World's First Hello Kitty Restaurant

Our latest Weekly Rewind, featuring some of the best Asia-related content from the past seven days that you may have missed. more
Binaifer Nowrojee. (Andrew Testa/Panos Pictures)

Interview: Open Society Foundations Director on Challenges That Could 'Derail' Myanmar's Reform Process

Open Society Foundations (OSF) has been working in Myanmar since 1994. In an interview with Asia Blog, Binaifer Nowrojee, OSF’s regional director for Asia, reflects on the nation’s journey over the last 20 years. more
Actress and singer Jennie Kwan. (Jennie Kwan)

Interview: Actress Jennie Kwan, From California Dreams to a 'Place of Empowerment'

Filipino-American actress and singer Jennie Kwan retraces the characters she's played that "exemplify young women stepping into their power." more

Thura Shwe Mann: The Building of a Stable and Prosperous Myanmar (Complete)

Thura U Shwe Mann, Speaker of the Union Parliament and Lower House of Parliament of Myanmar discusses Myanmar's reform, the country's upcoming election, Western investment, and the building of a stable and prosperous country. more
Ye Aung Thu/Getty Images
Myanmar Votes 2015: A Conversation With Thura Shwe Mann
Appearing in Washington, Thura Shwe Mann, speaker of Myanmar’s lower house of parliament and possible presidential candidate, discussed Myanmar’s upcoming elections, which could be the most important in the country’s history. more
Billionaire philanthropist George Soros, chairman of the Open Society Foundations, speaking at Asia Society in New York on Thursday, April 20, 2015. (Elena Olivo/Asia Society)

George Soros on Myanmar: A Long-Term Investment That 'Paid Off'

But, the billionaire investor and philanthropist warned the Asia Society audience, ethnic tensions and a lack of tolerance threaten economic and political progress in the Southeast Asian nation. more