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Buddhist Art of Myanmar: Double-Sided Stele Installation Timelapse

Watch a team of art handlers orchestrate the installation of a 724-pound sandstone sculpture that dates back to the fourth to sixth century for Asia Society Museum's exhibition 'Buddhist Art of Myanmar.' more

Shwe Man Thabin: San Min Win

San Min Win, U Tin Maung's grandson, on stage. more

Shwe Man Thabin: Chan Thar

Chan Thar of the Shwe Man Thabin troupe on stage. more

Shwe Man Thabin: Interview with Khin Chit Win

U Tin Maung's first daughter, describes growing up in the family tradition and her father's visit to America on a Fulbright exchange in 1957. more

Myanmar's Shwe Man Thabin

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Myanmar's Shwe Man Thabin troupe represents the heritage of one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cultures. Heirs to an artistic lineage that stretches back through the centuries, yet effortlessly contemporary in their approach, the members of Shwe Man Thabin are a living link to Myanmar’s rich past, who also ensure that this legacy of court and popular folk traditions will be an integral component of Myanmar’s future.

A highly stylized form, zat pwe typically takes the form of an all-night cabaret, and is a highly popular part of village pagoda celebrations, featuring dancers, comedians, clowns, and acrobats, all accompanied by a live percussion and gong ensemble known as the Hsaing Wang.

Asia Society's Shwe Man Thabin events (right) are part of Myanmar's Moment, a programming series built around the groundbreaking Asia Society Museum exhibition Buddhist Art of Myanmar, which runs from February 10 to May 10, 2015, in New York City.

Myanmar's Shwe Man Thabin
Landing page for Myanmar's Shwe Man Thabin

Shwe Man Thabin: Interview with Win Maung

U Tin Maung's fourth son shares his insights into the Zat Pwe form and his time with the Shwe Man Thabin troupe. more

Shwe Man Thabin: Win Maung

Win Maung, U Tin Maung's fourth son, on stage in Myanmar. more

Art and Devotion: Pathways to the Buddha in Myanmar (Complete)

Guest curator Sylvia Fraser-Lu explicates the relationship between art and religious practice in Myanmar. more
Wu Ke-Xi, Midi Z, and La Frances Hui at the opening of the film series Homecoming Myanmar: A Midi Z Retrospective on March 6, 2015. (C. Bay Milin)

Multimedia: Emerging Director Midi Z on Myanmar, Taiwan, and Filming from Personal Experience

In his first U.S. survey, Myanmar filmmaker Midi Z presented four films at Asia Society New York and discussed his work with Taiwanese actress Wu Ke-Xi and Asia Society's La Frances Hui. more
Art conservator Leslie Gat at work removing bronze disease from a sculpture featured in Asia Society Museum's exhibition "Buddhist Art of Myanmar."

Video: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Restoring Buddhist Art From Myanmar

Art conservator Leslie Gat shares her insights about conservation and discusses how she traveled to Myanmar to assess the condition of various sculptures that were coming to the Spring exhibition Buddhist Art of Myanmar. more