Worldwide Locations

Worldwide Locations


(Simon Gentry)

Family Day: Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Activities, interactive experiences, and performances will present a snapshot of Asian culture and the Asian American diaspora. more

Korean Music Symposium

A symposium on Korean music, featuring scholars and ethnomusicologists, precedes two evenings of performance. more

2014 Korean Music Festival at Asia Society

Two-day celebration and exploration of Korea's most powerful, evocative musical forms. more
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott addresses the Asia Society Australia at the Hotel Realm on March 25, 2014 in Canberra, Australia. (Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

PM Abbott's Business Delegation to Forge 'Trifecta of Trade'

Prime Minister the Hon. Tony Abbott MP expresses intent to create a "trifecta of trade agreements" on upcoming trade mission to Japan, Korea and China. more
Daniel Pinkston

The Risks of Intelligence Failure in the ROK and Why It Matters

Daniel Allen Pinkston, the Northeast Asia Deputy Project Director for the International Crisis Group, was the speaker for our March luncheon lecture. more
Bodhi tree sapling

India's Gift to South Korea

India gifted a sapling of the revered Bodhi Tree to South Korea as a powerful symbol of the friendship between the two countries. more

Asia Society Presents! This is to be Done—Contemporary Poets and Asia

This performance reading will explore our troubling world through the lens of poetic bilingualism. more

Hwang Sa (Yellow Dust)

Originating in the deserts of Northern China and Mongolia, Yellow Dust is whisked into the atmosphere by strong winds and carried to the Korean Peninsula via the jet stream. more
Tea table setting inspired by Korean heritage

Onjeum, Researching Korean Culture

Onjeum upholds the heritage of traditional architecture, clothing, and cuisine. more