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Incoming President of the Asia Society Policy Institute Kevin Rudd (R), former Prime Minister of Australia, and DJ Spooky, aka Paul D. Miller, share a light moment in September 2014 at Asia Society New York. (Elsa Ruiz/Asia Society)

#TBT: In 2014, DJ Spooky Meets Kevin Rudd

Each week, we'll reach into Asia Society's archives to find a photo from the organization's 60-year history. This week: A chance meeting at the 2014 opening of "Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot." more
People watch a television screen showing a breaking news on North Korea's long-range rocket launch at Seoul Station on February 7, 2016 in Seoul, South Korea. (Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images)

Kevin Rudd on North Korea's Missile Launch

The Asia Society Policy Institute president discussed Pyongyang's latest provocation in an interview with the BBC World Service. more
Nick Khazal/Asia Society
Asia Society Policy Institute Launches Washington Office
More than 200 government officials, dignitaries, and foreign diplomats celebrated the launch of a new bridge-building initiative in the nation's capital. more
Japan's Deputy Foreign Minister Shinsuke Sugiyama discussed East Asian security and economics in conversation with Asia Society Policy Institute Kevin Rudd. (Ellen Wallop/Asia Society)

Senior Japanese Official: North Korea a 'Crying Baby'

Deputy Foreign Minister Shinsuke Sugiyama, who appeared on Wednesday at Asia Society, also explained why China's economic slowdown is "not good for anybody." more

Japan's New Security Posture: Implications for Asia and the World (Complete)

Shinsuke Sugiyama, the deputy foreign minister of Japan, discussed his country's evolving security situation in a conversation with Kevin Rudd. more
Critics fear that the legislative changes made to Article 9 last November will lead to the swift remilitarization of Japan. (Toru Yamanaka/AFP/Getty Images)

Is Japan's Commitment to Pacifism Wavering?

Despite legislative changes introduced by Shinzo Abe last year, observers say the country is unlikely to remilitarize. more
Satellite image of the Asian continent. (Visible Earth/NASA)

Ten Events That Shaped Asia in 2015

From Iran to Nepal and Singapore to Syria, here's how 2015 will be remembered on the world's largest continent. more
Commitments made by the U.S.-China in Paris are the key to addressing global climate change. (LWYang/Flickr)

Solving Climate Change Problem Rests on U.S.-China Cooperation

The urgency in tackling climate change is one thing that the U.S. and China can agree on. more