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Chinese Oil Key Point of Strategic Leverage Against North Korea
On May 14, 2017, Kevin Rudd spoke to Fox News about the international impact of North Korea's latest transgression. more
Former National Security Advisor Thomas E. Donilon speaks at Asia Society in New York on May 10, 2017. (Elsa Ruiz/Asia Society)

Thomas Donilon: Unfilled State Department Posts Present a 'Serious Crisis'

President Obama's former national security advisor warns that the current lack of government personnel leaves the United States unprepared in the event of a major international crisis. more

Asia and the U.S.: Trump's First 100 Days (Complete)

A group of experts discusses President Trump's policies, accomplishments, and missteps in the early days of his term. more
North Korea a Shared Strategic Concern for the U.S. and Australia
On MSNBC, Kevin Rudd discusses the long-standing U.S.-Australia alliance and the common challenge both countries face from North Korea. more
Turnbull and Trump to Focus on North Korea
Kevin Rudd tells CNBC that Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will find a way to work together. more
With South Korean Elections Approaching, North May Behave Badly Again
In the wake of another failed North Korean missile test, Kevin Rudd discusses Donald Trump's North Korea strategy with the BBC. more
North Korea: Keep Cool and Carry on?
Kevin Rudd warns politicians against engaging in any "incidents" in North Korea that could have harsh consequences. more
Chinese Leverage Key to U.S. North Korea Policy
Kevin Rudd tells CNN that the international community must use Chinese leverage to change North Korea's nuclear behavior. more
U.S. Needs a New Combined Diplomacy with China on North Korea
Kevin Rudd argues that the United States and China must work together for a diplomatic solution in the Korean peninsula. more