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Michael Bloomberg speaks at Asia Society. (Ellen Wallop/Asia Society)

Michael Bloomberg: Americans 'Are Here To Fight Climate Change'

The former New York mayor discusses how corporations and municipalities will adhere to the Paris Agreement despite President Trump's withdrawal. more

China and the U.S.: One Belt, One Road and a 100-Day Plan (Complete)

Dignitaries including China Ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg discuss Sino-American relations. more
After Trump’s Paris Decision, Macron, Merkel and Xi the New Hope
Kevin Rudd discusses the future of global climate leadership on CNN in the aftermath of the United States' decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement. more
U.S. Withdrawal from Paris Agreement a ‘Disaster’
Kevin Rudd discusses the impact of Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement with BBC World. more
Will these two go to war? (Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

Are China and the U.S. Destined for War?

What the ancient conflict between Athens and Sparta tells us about present-day Sino-American relations more

China and the U.S.: Destined for War? (Complete)

The Harvard historian Graham Allison examines how the Peloponnesian War might teach us about the contemporary Sino-U.S. relationship. more
Chinese Oil Key Point of Strategic Leverage Against North Korea
On May 14, 2017, Kevin Rudd spoke to Fox News about the international impact of North Korea's latest transgression. more