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Video: The Rustic Beauty of Kyrgyzstan

A high-definition look at one of Asia's most spectacular — and underrated — countries more

Defining Global Competence

Watch a short overview of Asia Society's definition of global competence. more

Preparing Students for the World

Watch how Fort Vancouver High School partnered with Asia Society's International Studies Schools Network to prepare all of their students to graduate globally competent and prepared for the future. more

NCLC 2016: Chinese Food as Cultural Ambassador

Culinary experts Ian Cheney, Howie Southworth, Martin Yan, and Monica Eng discuss the role that Chinese food has played as a cultural ambassador to the United States. more

NCLC 2016: Telling Each Other's Story

Journalists Jiayang Fan, Jeremy Goldkorn, Xiaohong Lv, and Jonathan Landreth discuss the U.S. and China covering one another in the media. more

NCLC 2016: Pipa Virtuoso Wu Man Performs Classical Chinese Music

Legendary musician Wu Man serenades the 2016 National Chinese Language Conference with traditional Chinese music, along with Henry Knight and Juliet Petrus. more

NCLC 2016: 'Ambassadorship in Action' Between the U.S. and China

At the 2016 National Chinese Language Conference, Steven Koch, David Coleman, Josette Sheeran, and Xu Lin give opening remarks about cultural ambassadorship. more

NCLC 2016: Chinese Learners Bridge Cultures Through Song and Dance

Local Chicago students started off the 2016 National Chinese Language Conference with performances in Mandarin Chinese. more