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Supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) or the "Movement for Justice" party wave party flags at the election campaign in Lahore on May 5, 2013.  A roadside bomb exploded at an election rally in southwest Pakistan the same day, killing two people, officials said as violence continued ahead of historic polls on May 11.  (Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images)

For Pakistan's Elite, Facebook Turns Into a Political Battleground Ahead of Election

Facebook is turning into an unlikely virtual platform that allows Pakistan’s elite to remain engaged in political campaigning. more
Nazir Sabir on K2, the second-highest mountain in the world, in northern Pakistan's Karakoram range. (Nazir Sabir)

Interview: Pakistan's Premier Mountaineer on His Passion for Heights and Homeland

Nazir Sabir talks candidly about his love of climbing and brushes with death. more
Everyday human traffic at Torkham, the busiest port of entry between Pakistan and Afghanistan. (Suchitra Vijayan)

Photos: Bustling Human Traffic Along a 'Mythical' Afghanistan-Pakistan Border

Suchitra Vijayan's photos capture the bustling human activity at the busiest port of entry between Afghanistan and Pakistan, along "a frontier that at best is a geo-political myth." more
Al Jazeera's coverage of the Iran earthquake shows a map of the affected area, near the country's border with Pakistan.

The Web Reacts: Earthquake Strikes Iran and Pakistan, Tremors Felt Around Asia

On April 16, 2013, a powerful earthquake, measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, struck southeastern Iran. Asia Society takes a look at the coverage of the news. more

Diplomat: Encouraging Signs, Future Stability in Afghanistan

Indian Ambassador Shyam Saran explains why he views "free and fair" elections as crucial to Afghanistan's future stability. more

Ambassador Shyam Saran: Regional Prospects for Peace

Ambassador Shyam Saran outlines India's regional foreign policy in light of the impending American drawdown from Afghanistan. more
A man races bulls past a large crowd of onlookers in Punjab, Pakistan on April 2, 2013. (junaidrao/Flickr)

Photo of the Day: A New Form of Bull-Riding in Pakistan

A man races bulls past a large crowd of onlookers in Punjab, Pakistan on April 2, 2013. (junaidrao/Flickr) more
Engin Akyürek in action during an episode of the Turkish soap opera Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?. (YouTube)

Turkish Soap Operas and the Pakistani Mothers Who Watch Them

I was clueless why my mother, from her home in Karachi via Skype, suddenly started calling my two-year-old son “Engin.” His name is Elias. She revealed that this was a tribute to her current favorite actor, Engin Akyurek of Turkey. more
Pakistani demonstrators shout anti-US slogans during a protest in Multan on January 8, 2013, against the drone attacks in Pakistan's tribal areas. (S.S Mirza/AFP/Getty Images)

Are Drone Strikes Killing Terrorists or Creating Them?

After the publication of an interactive website visualizing drone strikes in Pakistan, Asia Society Senior Advisor Hassan Abbas analyzes the difficulty of assessing whether drone strikes are actually an effective terror-fighting tool. more
The first batch of "Peace Rickshaws" sponsored by Pakistan Youth Alliance, ready to hit the road in Karachi. (Pakistan Youth Alliance)

Photos: 'Peace Rickshaws' Promote Colorful Message of Tolerance in Pakistan

The Pakistan Youth Alliance (PYA) is on a mission to use a very visible form of street art to counter the intolerance, and worse, being spread by right-wing groups in Pakistan. more