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Sen. Chuck Hagel with Joe Klein (Complete)

Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) in conversation with Time magazine columnist Joe Klein in October 2008. more
President Asif Ali Zardari raises his hands in victory towards supporters. Photo: Muhammad Shahid Nawaz.
Pakistan: A Political History
Pakistan's short history as a country has been very turbulent, oscillating between military rule and democratic governments. more
A Brief History of Nuclear Weapons States
A chronology of nuclear weapon technology proliferation. more
Left to right: Sarah Chayes, Richard Holbrooke, Nicholas Schmidle (Azadeh Fartash/Asia Society)
Afghanistan and Pakistan: Uneasy Neighbors
A discussion on Afghanistan-Pakistan relations. Moderated by Ambassador Richard Holbrooke. more

Imran Khan: The People Understand Democracy

In New York, the former cricket star and emerging political force lays out some fundamental problems afflicting Pakistan. more
Imran Khan explains the political ills afflicting Pakistan, and reflects on the younger generation's attitude toward India, in New York on Jan. 25, 2008. (4 min., 45 sec.)
Pakistan's Political Future: A Conversation with Imran Khan
Speaking in New York, the former cricket star positions himself as the sole agent of change in Pakistan's political landscape. more

Barnett and Rubin: A Way Forward in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Ahmed Rashid and Barnett Rubin assess the current state of affairs in Afghanistan and Pakistan. more
An ancient Buddha carved into into a mountainside sits defaced on Oct. 10, 2007 after Islamic extremists attacked the historic relic at Jehanabad in the Swat Valley of Pakistan. (John Moore/Getty Images)
Pakistan's Buddha Statues Under Attack
Asia Society's President cautions we risk losing one of the most precious legacies of early Buddhist history. more
"Who dares?", Pakistan's Independence day wallpaper, Tribute to Pakistan's Armed Forces.  (Ĵǡƕǻǹžəβ/Flickr)
Interview with Asma Jahangir
Asma Jahangir has worked both in Pakistan and abroad to prevent the exploitation of religious minorities, women, and children. more
Silent Waters (2003)
Interview with Sabiha Sumar
Pakistani filmmaker: "How did we change from a liberal, secular society to a more conservative, religious people?" more