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Ashis Nandy in New Delhi, summer 2011.

Podcast: Ashis Nandy and Pakistan's 'Latent Potential'

After 1500 interviews with survivors of Partition, another perspective on the tragedy. more
Artist Rashid Rana in his Lahore studio, summer 2011.

Podcast: Rashid Rana's Pakistan: 'A Mini-Version of the Globe'

Both formally stunning and idea-driven, artist's work seems to say: Look again at Pakistan; it's not a world apart. more

US Wants Pakistani Elites to Pay More Taxes — Hypocritical?

The irony of top American officials' stressing the need to pay one's fair share. more
Singer Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan.

Podcast: Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan: Local, Global, Classical, Pop

The Lahore-based superstar embodies the dynamism inside South Asian music. more

Taxes, Elites and Common Sense in Pakistan

U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter notes the irony of American politicians' lecturing Pakistanis about the need to pay their share of taxes. more
Dr. Rajiv Shah (L) and Ambassador Cameron Munter (R) speak with moderator Hassan Abbas. (Suzanna Finley)
After Challenging Year, US and Pakistan Look Forward
American Ambassador, top aid official agree continued economic development is key to improving ties between U.S. and Pakistan. more

A Way Forward for US-Pakistan Relations (Complete)

Two top U.S. officials share insights into current American relief efforts in Pakistan. more
The late Saleem Shahzad pictured on the cover of a report edited by Imtiaz Alam.

Podcast: Imtiaz Alam: So You Want to Be a Journalist in Pakistan…

It's past time, says a senior news editor, to establish ground rules for news reporting in Pakistan. more

Asia's Role in the United Nations Security Council

Thom Woodroofe discusses Asian U.N. Security Council bids. more
Kamil Khan Mumtaz at home in Lahore, summer 2011.

Podcast: Kamil Khan Mumtaz: Back from a Modernist Hell

Pakistan's preeminent architect explains his debt to Sufi tradition. more