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Vali Nasr, professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy of Tufts University and former advisor to Richard Holbrooke. (Vali Nasr/Flickr)

Interview: Vali Nasr on Revisiting US Strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Whether the U.S. agrees or not, "Pakistan more than any other country will decide the fate of Afghanistan," argues Vali Nasr. more

Ahmed Rashid: Afghan Taliban Don't See India as Their Enemy

A veteran observer of the Afghan Taliban argues that they're moderating their outlook ahead of likely ceasefire negotiations with the United States. more

Ahmed Rashid: What Peace with the Taliban Might Look Like

A leading authority on the Taliban draws careful distinctions between its Afghan and Pakistani branches, and what their respective aims are. more

Ahmed Rashid: Pakistan on the Brink

A veteran observer of the Taliban assesses America's strategy for withdrawal from Afghanistan, in conversation with Bill Keller of the New York Times. more

Interview: Pakistani Motorcyclist Moin Khan on His Epic Journey

Moin Khan redefines Pakistan's image through a 25,000-mile motorcycle journey across three continents. more
Ahmed Rashid, author of Pakistan on the Brink. (Ahmed Rashid)

Interview: Ahmed Rashid on the Road to Reconciliation in Afghanistan

Leading Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid outlines what needs to happen for any kind of peaceful future to become possible in Afghanistan. more
Asia Society Asia 21 Fellow Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy (L) and Daniel Junge, directors of the Oscar-winning documentary short 'Saving Face' at Asia Society New York on March 5, 2012. (Suzanna Finley)

Photos/Video: Oscar Winners Speak at Asia Society in New York

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Daniel Junge won Academy Awards for their 2011 documentary short 'Saving Face,' which addresses the sensitive topic of acid attacks against women in Pakistan. more