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Baker: A Skeptical Take on U.S. Afghanistan Strategy

Regarding Afghanistan, says former U.S. Secretary of State, "We don't have anybody to work with." more

Vali Nasr on the US, Afghanistan and Pakistan (Complete)

Vali Nasr looks at the mounting strains in the relationship between the U.S., Pakistan, and Afghanistan, in conversation with Saeed Shafqat and Christine Fair. more
Former U.S. Secretary of State James A. Baker III in Houston on Thursday, April 12, two days before the grand opening of the Asia Society Texas Center. (Bill Swersey/Asia Society)

Former Secretary of State Speaks Candidly About Asian Policy Hotspots [Videos]

James A. Baker III talked to an Asia Society audience in Houston about China, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the "Asian Century." more
The faithful come in all forms in a Lahore shrine dedicated to a Sufi saint. (Usman Malik)

Photos/Video: Desperately Seeking Spirituality in Lahore

Usman Malik captures a side of Pakistani culture that many urban English-speaking Pakistanis are unfamiliar with. more
Vali Nasr, professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy of Tufts University and former advisor to Richard Holbrooke. (Vali Nasr/Flickr)

Interview: Vali Nasr on Revisiting US Strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Whether the U.S. agrees or not, "Pakistan more than any other country will decide the fate of Afghanistan," argues Vali Nasr. more

Ahmed Rashid: Afghan Taliban Don't See India as Their Enemy

A veteran observer of the Afghan Taliban argues that they're moderating their outlook ahead of likely ceasefire negotiations with the United States. more