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Arieb Azhar. (Shahzad Ali Mirza)

Preview: Pakistani Singer-Songwriter Arieb Azhar Gives New Life to Old Texts

A look at some of the cultural context behind Pakistani singer-songwriter Arieb Azhar's music, ahead of his July 3 performance in New York City's River to River Festival. more
A Pakistani policeman stands guard at a security check point in Lahore, February 2012. (Arif Ali / AFPGetty Images)
Stabilizing Pakistan Through Police Reform
An independent commission convened by Asia Society assessed Pakistan’s police force and developed reform recommendations to enable more effective crime-fighting and counterterrorism activities. more

Photo of the Day: A Cobbler at His Craft

A cobbler looks up from his work in Islamabad, Pakistan on April 3, 2012. more
Asia Society Senior Advisor Hassan Abbas weighs in on Pakistan's political ferment and empty Cabinet on CNN on June 21, 2012.

Expert: Ouster of Pakistan PM Could Be 'Positive Development' For Rule of Law

Asia Society Senior Advisor Hassan Abbas tells CNN the Supreme Court of Pakistan's decision to oust the prime minister and his compliance is a positive step toward rule of law. more
A police checkpoint in Karachi. (Benny Lin/Flickr)
Police Reform in Pakistan Must Be Part of National Agenda
Read an excerpt from a forthcoming report by Asia Society’s Independent Commission on Pakistan Police Reform. The report will be available in print and for download on July 23, 2012. more
A soldier with Troop B, 1st Squadron, 113th Cavalry Regiment, Task Force Redhorse scans a nearby hilltop during a search of the Qual-e Jala village, Afghanistan. (The U.S. Army/Flickr)

Experts: Self-Critical Pentagon Report Demonstrates Limits of Military Action

Asia Society experts reflect on the draft Pentagon report outlining key lessons from a decade of war in Afghanistan and Iraq. more

Photo of the Day: Vibrant Chilum Jusht Spring Festival in Pakistan

Female members of the Kalash tribe of Chitral in northern Pakistan at the annual Chilum Jusht Spring Festival, photographed by Ali Jan in May 2012. more
A Pakistani policeman stands guard at a security check point in Lahore, February 2012. (Arif Ali/AFPGetty Images)
Effective Policing is Key to Fighting Terrorism in Pakistan
An efficient, well-functioning civilian police service is critical to counterinsurgency and counterterrorism efforts in Pakistan now and in the future. more
Mohammad Ahsan Masood Anwari, 'Hot Forehead,' 2011.

Multimedia: Pakistani Artists Explore Myth, Reality and Identity

Profiles of three young artists from Pakistan speaking candidly about the challenges they face in trying to make, and exhibit, their work. more