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President's Forum With Ajay Piramal (Complete)

Asia Society President and CEO Josette Sheeran speaks with the celebrated Indian entrepreneur and philanthropist Ajay Piramal. more

Hollywood's Asian Problem (Complete)

George Takei, Daniel Mayeda, Janet Yang, Arthur Dong, Marc Bernardin, and Emerlynn Lampitoc discuss the issues embodied by stereotypical jokes directed toward Asians at the Academy Awards. more

Lessons from History (Complete)

Sunil Khilnani and Sreenivasan Jain discuss Khilnani's book "Incarnations: India in 50 lives." more

Opulence and Fantasy: Sultans of Deccan India (Complete)

Metropolitan Museum of Art curator Navina Haidar discusses the museum's exhibition on ancient Indo-Islamic art and culture. more
Ajay Piramal is one of India's wealthiest and most successful businessmen. (Richter Frank-Jurgen/Flickr)

Ajay Piramal: Five Lessons in the Life of 'India's Warren Buffett'

Humility, faith, and a willingness to make mistakes has turned Piramal into one of India's most successful business people. more

Australia's View of Asia (Complete)

Harinder Sidhu and Gaurav Gupta discuss Australia's view of Asia. more