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Documentary Q & A: 'Waking the Green Tiger' (Complete)

After a screening of Gary Marcuse's documentary about a grassroots campaign to block a dam on the Yangtze River, Asia Society's Orville Schell talks with environmental activist Shi Lihong, who is featured in the film. more
Composer Huang Ruo at Asia Society New York on December 2, 2013. (Elsa Ruiz/Asia Society)

Video: Watch Huang Ruo Discuss His Critically Acclaimed Opera 'Dr. Sun Yat-sen'

The New York Times hailed Huang Ruo's new opera "Dr. Sun Yat-sen" as a "humanizing tribute." At Asia Society, the composer discussed his desire to create an opera with a "Cantonese flavor." more

Screening: The Last Moose of Aoluguya

Filmmaker Gu Tao follows Weijia, a member of the Ewenti minority group, whose population is dwindling in northern China. more

Screening: A Farmer's Struggle and Yak Dung

Two short films, "A Farmer's Struggle" and "Yak Dung," follow the threatened livelihoods of two previously sustainable communities. more
"Plastic China" (dir. Wang Jiuliang)

Discussion: Plastic China

A documentary-in-progress uncovers the human and environmental costs of imported plastic waste in China. more

Screening: Waking the Green Tiger

Documentary follows the extraordinary grassroots campaign that stopped a huge dam project on the upper Yangtze River in southwestern China. more
Mother Jones interactive producer Jaeah Lee at Asia Society New York on June 11, 2014.

Video: Is China's Turn to Fracking a Reason to 'Ban it Everywhere Else?'

As energy consultants and journalists assess China's alternatives to burning coal, not everyone sees fracking as the solution to all its problems. more

China's Coal Districts: 'A Very Visceral Experience'

Reporter Jaeah Lee describes seeing the effects of air pollution firsthand in Lanzhou, and "Gasland" director Josh Fox argues that China's growing reliance on fracking is "all the more reason to ban it everywhere else." more

Fracking and China's Energy Revolution (Complete)

Ella Chou, Josh Fox, Jaeah Lee, Orville Schell, and James West assess China's energy future in light of its growing reliance on fracking. more
(James West)

Interview: What Costs Will Fracking Bring to China?

Ahead of a June 19 panel discussion, Mother Jones reporter Jaeah Lee and Climate Desk producer James West talk about China's fracking plans and its energy future. more