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ChinaFile Presents: Can the China Model Succeed?

How does liberal democracy stack up against what has been called “the China Model”? Daniel A. Bell argues in a new book that China’s “political meritocracy” has been overlooked as a superior system. more

Future of East Asia (Complete)

Sung-Joo Han, Orville Schell, Andrei Lankov, Jin Canrong, Shen Dingli, and John Delury discuss recent events in East Asia and what things must happen going forward to protect stability in the region. more
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry leaves after the closing news conference on June 24, 2015 at the Department of State in Washington, D.C. Officials from the U.S. and China participated in the seventh annual U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Orville Schell: To Restore Relationship, US and China Should Consider 'Previously Unthinkable Options'

"To achieve any kind of lasting breakthrough in the China-United States relationship, both sides must be prepared to make difficult concessions," writes Asia Society's Orville Schell in the New York Times. more
Andrew G. Walder, Roderick MacFarquhar, Susan Shirk, and Orville Schell at a May 22 Asia Society panel (Asia Society)

Video: Experts Debate Mao's Legacy in China Today

Author Andrew G. Walder joined Roderick MacFarquhar, Susan Shirk, and Orville Schell for a discussion on his new book 'China Under Mao: A Revolution Derailed' and on the ways in which Mao's thinking is still ‎embedded in China's world view. more

ChinaFile Presents: Does Xi Jinping Represent a Return to the Politics of the Mao Era? (Complete)

A panel of experts discuss the ways in which Mao's thinking is still ‎embedded in China's world view. more
George Soros speaking at Asia Society in New York on April 30, 2015. (Elena Olivo/Asia Society)

Video: Why George Soros Considers Himself 'Typhoid Mary' in China

Billionaire George Soros discusses the hostile atmosphere toward civil society in China, and how authorities make it difficult for philanthropists like him to help those in need. more

George Soros: 'I Consider Myself as Typhoid Mary' in China

Billionaire philanthropist discusses the hostile atmosphere for civil society in China and how he can end up hurting those he tries to help. more
Billionaire philanthropist George Soros, chairman of the Open Society Foundations, speaking at Asia Society in New York on Thursday, April 20, 2015. (Elena Olivo/Asia Society)

George Soros on Myanmar: A Long-Term Investment That 'Paid Off'

But, the billionaire investor and philanthropist warned the Asia Society audience, ethnic tensions and a lack of tolerance threaten economic and political progress in the Southeast Asian nation. more

When Societies Open: The Global Philanthropic Footprint of George Soros (Complete)

Open Society Foundations Chairman George Soros, in an hour-long conversation with Asia Society's Orville Schell, covers much of the globe and touches on politics, finance, philanthropy, and even philosophy. more

Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-La: Panel Discussion (Complete)

Xi Zhinong, Mark Fletcher, and George Schaller discuss their new PBS documentary about the endangered Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys. more