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A Sufi Voice of Pakistan: A Conversation with Sanam Marvi (Complete)

Pakistani superstar Sanam Marvi brings her music and philosophy to Asia Society. more

Performing Asia: Legacy of Performing Arts at the Asia Society (Complete)

Rachel Cooper lectures on Asia Society's rich history of performing arts and its impact on audiences over the years. more

Encounters: A Musical Exploration by Susie Ibarra, Samita Sinha, and Jen Shyu (Complete)

Artists present musical performances exploring their creative encounters and then discuss explorations of identity, gender, and the Asian American experience. more

'The Birth of Saké' Producer Discusses the Making of Film

After a screening, Asia Society's Rachel Cooper discussed the film with producer Masako Tsumura. more

The Sounds of Rez Abbasi

In this clip, Pakistani-born guitarist and composer Rez Abbasi demonstrates his signature blend of South Asian and jazz music and discusses how he developed his unique style. more
A look back at Asia Society's most popular videos in 2015 shows India dominating the viewership.

Asia Society's Most Popular YouTube Videos in 2015

One thing is clear from looking back at Asia Society's most popular 2015 videos: India clips won the year. more
Chinese opera master Zhou Long (L) and Japanese Noh master Akira Matsui perform “Forgiveness” in 2000. (Rachel Cooper/Asia Society)

#TBT: In 2000, 'Forgiveness' Grapples with the Ghosts of History

Each week, we'll reach into Asia Society's archives to find a photo from the organization's nearly 60-year history. This week: A performance that dealt with the uncomfortable history between China, Japan, and Korea. more