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Asia Society Leaders, Past and Present, on 60 Years
Robert Oxnam, Nicholas Platt, Vishakha Desai, Josette Sheeran, and Henrietta H. Fore discuss the organization's six decades of history. more
From left: Robert Oxnam, Ronnie Chan, Josette Sheeran, Nicholas Platt, and Kevin Rudd discuss Asia Society on its 60th anniversary. (Elsa Ruiz/Asia Society)

How Asia Society's Establishment Was a 'Bet on the Future'

At a gathering celebrating the organization's 60th anniversary, former Asia Society President Robert Oxnam explained why John D. Rockefeller's vision was far from assured. more

Henrietta H. Fore on Asia Society's 60th Anniversary

The current global co-chair reflects on the organization's legacy six decades after its founding. more

Panel Discussion on Innovation

Citing the example of Asian entrepreneurs, experts discuss how innovation is changing our global society. more

Asia Society Names Josette Sheeran New President

Today Asia Society announced the appointment of Josette Sheeran, the Vice Chair of the World Economic Forum, as the seventh president and CEO of the institution. Sheeran will assume the office on June 10. more

Kevin Rudd on Australia's Unique Role in U.S.-China Relations [Gallery/Video]

In a wide-ranging speech peppered with Mandarin phrases, Australia's FM touched on history and culture as much as politics to propose a new way for Asia to accommodate Sino-U.S. rivalries. more