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A historic photograph of the Densatil Monastery taken by an anonymous photographer at an unknown date. Image courtesy of David Holler.

The Scholar-Spy Who Saw Tibet's Densatil Monastery in All Its Glory

How the "Great Game," the 19th-century imperial rivalry between Great Britain and Russia, may have touched on the legendary Tibetan Buddhist monastery. more

Museums and Markets in China

James C.Y. Watt and Marc F. Wilson discuss the democratic appeal of great works of art and how looted Chinese artworks are effectively being repatriated via free trade. more

Chinese Museums in the 21st Century (Complete)

James C.Y. Watt, Marc F. Wilson, and Melissa Chiu discuss how Chinese museums are changing ideas of history and scholarship. more
The sand mandala constructed by Tibetan Buddhist monks at Asia Society Museum over five days in February 2014. (Tahiat Mahboob/Asia Society)

Videos: 100 'Peaceful and Wrathful' Deities Emerge from Millions of Grains of Sand

Time-lapse footage captures the extraordinary process by which a Tibetan Buddhist sand mandala comes into being. more

Five Monks, Five Days, One Sand Mandala

Monks from the Drigung Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism construct a sand mandala over the course of five days at Asia Society Museum. more

Mandala: '100 Peaceful and Wrathful Deities' Come Into Being

An overhead stationary camera depicts the painstaking process involved in constructing a sand mandala over five days. more
Asian Contemporary Art Week 2014

Asian Contemporary Art Week 2014 Call for Participation

Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW) 2014 October 22 - 31, 2014 more
Nalini Malani's "Transgressions," currently on view at Asia Society Museum in New York City.

Video: Capitalism, Dying Languages Inspire Nalini Malani's Modern Shadow Play

Indian artist Nalini Malani introduces audiences to her video/shadow-play exhibition "Transgressions," and talks about her various sources of inspiration. more

Inside Asia Society Museum's 'Transgressions' Exhibition

Visual artist Nalini Malani introduces her video shadow-play exhibition, "Transgressions," on view at Asia Society Museum in New York City. more

Setting Densatil in the Treasury of Tibetan Art (Complete)

Katherine Anne Paul orients Densatil in its global context during the period of its apogee and places the pieces into a broader setting of Tibetan art that was made in other regions during related periods. more