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Asia Society's new publication showcases predictions from officials at MoMA, M+, Tate, and other institutions on future of the museum.

Top Art-World Thinkers: What Matters for Museums in the 21st Century?

Directors of MoMA, M+, Tate, and other institutions discuss digital, Asia, and the future of the museum. more

Asia Week 2015 at Asia Society

Asia Week highlights at Asia Society Museum, March 13–21, 2015. more
Buddha seated in bhumisparsa mudra. Nyaung-yan period, 17th–18th century. Bronze, with silver pigment. H. 21 x W. 13 x D. 7 ¾ in. (53.3 x 33 x 19.7 cm). National Museum, Yangon. (Photo: Sean Dungan)

Art and Devotion: Pathways to the Buddha in Myanmar

Learn more about Myanmar's Buddhist art from one of the guest curators of the first exhibition in the West focusing on works of art from collections in Myanmar. more

South and Southeast Asian Sculpture from the Asia Society Museum Collection

Lobby installation of five sculptures from the Collection. more

Slideshow: Interactive Nam June Paik Installation Lets Museum Visitors Shoot and Share

Enjoy a gallery of trippy Instagram images from Asia Society Museum's "Three-Camera Participation/Participation TV," part of the exhibition "Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot." more

Myanmar's Moment

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Asia Society is proud to present Myanmar's Moment, a series of leading-edge programming built around the groundbreaking Asia Society Museum exhibition Buddhist Art of Myanmar, which runs from February 10 to May 10, 2015, in New York City. The exhibition is the first major presentation in the West devoted solely to the art of Myanmar and includes a treasure trove of sculptures of the Buddha, many of which are leaving Myanmar for the first time.

"Asia Society has deployed extraordinary diplomacy and artistic expertise to share these treasures," says Josette Sheeran, president and CEO of Asia Society. "These alluring statues, and the smiles of these Buddhas, offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for viewers. Knowing how hard it was — given the recent history of Myanmar and the distant homes of these works — makes me that much prouder of the exhibition. It's a tour de force."

Asia Society has been deeply engaged with Myanmar for years on policy issues as well as arts and culture. This approach, drawing on the arts and policy, is at the core of the institution's work, and mirrors what the Society has done in recent years on China, India, Iran, Pakistan and other Asian nations. "In the case of Myanmar," said Sheeran, "we are leveraging a long and profound engagement with a nation that has undergone great changes in the past few years." Read more

Asia Society is pleased to present 'Myanmar’s Moment,' a series of programs organized in conjunction with the landmark Asia Society Museum exhibition 'Buddhist Art of Myanmar.'
Myanmar's Moment

New Media Art: 'If It's Got Software, You Want the Code'

Former MoMA curator Barbara London describes the challenges inherent in preserving and presenting new media art when the technology behind it often becomes obsolete. more

New Media Art: Then and Now (Complete)

Three leading curators trace the evolution of new media art from its beginnings to the present day and assess strategies for how best to engage audiences with the medium. more
Still from "Good Morning Mr. Orwell," 1984. Video, color, sound. 38 minutes. Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix, New York.

Nam June Paik and the 'Sloppy Machine' That Helped Create a New Art Form

The ungainly, rough-hewn apparatus Nam June Paik co-created in 1969 made it possible for later generations of artists to play with video as a medium. more

Nam June Paik: Video Across Media

Asia Society Film Curator La Frances Hui and Gregory Zinman discuss Paik's career-long interest in expanding video's material and conceptual properties and its horizons as an art form. more