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asia society museum

Eko Nugroho paints a mural at Asia Society Museum in New York. (Salvador Pantoja/Asia Society)

Time Lapse: Watch Eko Nugroho Paint His Epic Street-Inspired Mural

The acclaimed Indonesian artist makes the wall "a victim" of his painting. more
Changsha ewers artifacts trapped in a coral concretion on the top of the wreck mound. Items from the Belitung shipwreck can be seen at Asia Society Museum's 'Secrets of the Sea: A Tang Shipwreck and Early Trade in Asia' exhibition. (Michael Flecker)

Lost at Sea: Four Famous Shipwrecks Waiting To Be Discovered

Dozens of historically significant ships that sit in the vast depths around the world preserve rich tales of history. more

Discovering the Belitung Shipwreck

A sneak peak at the discovery of one of the great archaeological finds of all Southeast Asian history: the Belitung shipwreck. more

Secrets of the Sea: A Tang Shipwreck and Early Trade in Asia (Complete)

Tom Nagorski and Boon Hui Tan discuss how diving for sea cucumbers led to a history-changing discovery. more