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Washington DC

Ravi Agrawal of CNN on India's Smartphone Revolution (Complete)

The CNN correspondent explains how low-cost smartphones have changed India's political, economic, and social environment. more

Charting a Course for Trade and Economic Integration in the Asia-Pacific (Complete)

Experts discuss Asia Society Policy Institute’s new report on how to chart a path forward for economic integration in the Asia-Pacific. more

Fostering Innovation in Asia (Complete)

A panel discussion of thought leaders and entrepreneurs discuss how governments can foster competition, access to technology, and increased capacity. more

Rex Tillerson: Nations Benefit Through Expanded Trade

The ExxonMobil CEO, selected as President-elect Trump's secretary of state, delivers an endorsement of free trade. more

Australian Ambassador Describes Necessity of Trump's Engagement With Asia

If America is going to be great again, "it has no choice but to engage with Asia," says Joe Hockey. more

Asia's Recommendations for President-Elect Trump (Complete)

Ambassadors from Australia, South Korea, and Singapore discuss their hope and advice for Donald Trump in the Asia Pacific. more

Fighting Climate Change in the Asia-Pacific Through Markets and Finance (Complete)

A high-level panel discusses how to deploy market tools in combating climate change. more

China's Economic Overhaul and Its Global Implications (Washington)

At the DC launch of ASPI's report on China's economic reform program, report author Daniel H. Rosen is joined by Christopher Padilla of the IBM Corporation and Kenneth G. Lieberthal of the Brookings Institution. more

How Afghanistan Can Restore Its Political Credibility and Legitimacy

Panelists Omar Samad, Clare Lockhart, and Hassan Abbas discuss the causes of the controversy surrounding Afghanistan's presidential election and the solutions available to the leading candidates and their supporters. (3 min., 18 sec.) more

Dobbins: Afghanistan Isn't Ready for 'Winner-Take-All' Election

Amb. James Dobbins, U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, explains why Afghanistan presidential candidates should seek a power-sharing arrangement to help settle the current electoral controversy. more