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North Korea: 'There Is No Silver Bullet' (Complete)

ASNC panel debates options available to the international community with regard to North Korea, such as sanctions and more (or less) engagement. more

A Secret Society: Life Inside North Korea (Complete)

Defectors, human rights and humanitarian aid experts, and international security specialists assess what the international community can do with North Korea. more

Chinese High-Tech Investment: Northern California Report Launch

Thilo Hanemann and Daniel Rosen of the Rhodium Group review key findings of a new report on Chinese investment in the U.S. tech sector. more
Past Special Events
Asia Society Northern California's special events more
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High Tech: The Next Wave of Chinese Investment in America
This Asia Society report examines Chinese investment in U.S. high tech sectors, presenting original data to describe investment flows and assessing their impacts on the U.S. economy more

Growing Older, Aging Better (Complete)

Experts assess trends in health care for Asia's aging populations, and lessons they might hold for the United States. more

Pacific Cities Sustainability Initiative

Insights from the Pacific Cities Sustainability Initiative Forum 2013, centered on the theme "Tomorrow's City Today." more

ASNC 2013 Annual Dinner: Sidney Rittenberg

The first non-Chinese member of the Chinese Communist Party accepts his award for Education Leadership & Excellence at ASNC's 10th Annual Dinner. more

ASNC 2013 Annual Dinner: Amory B. Lovins

A pioneering figure in the world of sustainability, accepts his award for Policy Leadership and Excellence at Asia Society Northern California’s 10th Annual Dinner. more

ASNC 2013 Annual Dinner: C. Richard Kramlich

One of the most successful venture capitalists in the U.S. and now China, accepts his award for Business Leadership & Excellence at ASNC’s 10th Annual Dinner. more