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Northern California

Expert Panel Discusses Role of Subnational Partnerships on Clean Energy and Climate Change (Complete)

Four representatives from organizations with active programs working with China and the United States discuss clean energy and climate change. more

Energy Leaders on California and China's Common Clean Energy Interests (Complete)

The former U.S. Secretary of Energy and leaders of the Air Resources Board, the California Energy Commission, and The Rhodium Group discuss California and China's common interests in clean energy and addressing climate change. more

Steven Chu Discusses Clean Energy Development by China and California (Complete)

Former U.S. secretary of energy and Nobel laureate discusses how systematic differences between China and the U.S. influence action on climate change. more

Governor Jerry Brown: California Can Show China That Clean Energy 'Makes Good Economic Sense'

California Governor Jerry Brown outlines how his state is taking a leading role in tackling climate change and setting a model for China to follow. more

Why Asian Pacific Women are Underrepresented in Leadership Roles

Studies show women and minorities in managerial positions help the corporate bottom line, so why are there still so few? more

Asian Pacific Islander Women in Leadership (Complete)

Purnima Kochikar, Anna Mock, Leona Tang, Janet Wong, and Janet Yang discuss Asian Pacific Islander women and leadership in the American workplace. more

Regression and Revival in the Chinese Economy

Nicholas R. Lardy, Barry Naughton, and Laura Tyson offer contrasting yet nuanced takes on how, and how well, China weathered the global economic slowdown. more

Forecast Asia: China's Ambition Grows, Global Economy Slows

Experts discuss: in 2015, will China be the engine for growth or will its slowdown prove a global economic millstone? more

North Korea: 'There Is No Silver Bullet' (Complete)

ASNC panel debates options available to the international community with regard to North Korea, such as sanctions and more (or less) engagement. more

A Secret Society: Life Inside North Korea (Complete)

Defectors, human rights and humanitarian aid experts, and international security specialists assess what the international community can do with North Korea. more