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Aruna Roy argues for managed, nuanced dissent as a necessary part of any democratic society, particularly one as big and pluralistic as India, in New Delhi on Jan. 13, 2012. (5 min., 16 sec.)
Aruna Roy Speaks on Managing Dissent
Aruna Roy discusses the need to change how dissent is perceived and addressed in India. more
Participants in Asia Society's three-day conference on Indo-U.S. cultural collaboration in New Delhi from June 25-27, 2011. (Asia Society India Centre)
New Models for Indo-US Cultural Collaboration
A new Asia Society Special Report offers insights and recommendations for increasing arts partnerships between India and the United States. more
Panelists, L-R: Mohammed Hanif, Aman Sethi (top), Meenal Baghel, Rabi Thapa (middle), and Ashok Vajpeyi (bottom).
Leading Authors Discuss the City as Dream and Nightmare
Citing their experiences in Kathmandu, Karachi, Mumbai, and New Delhi, panelists explore the symbolic use of cities in contemporary writing. more

Manu Joseph on Democracy and Change in India

Manu Joseph on democracy, social movements and the future of legislation in India. more

Aruna Roy: 'Every Indian... Can Say What's Wrong'

Social and political activist Aruna Roy argues for dissent as a necessary and inevitable part of Indian society. more

Australian Defence Minister Stephen Smith on Rising Asian Nations

Australian Defence Minister Stephen Smith speaks about the future of rising Asian nations. more
Australian Defence Minister Stephen Smith speaks about the future of rising Asian nations at in Mumbai on Dec. 9, 2011. (12 min., 5 sec.)
Stephen Smith Stresses Cooperation with Rising Asian Nations
Australian Defence Minister addresses shared maritime security challenges, the rise of China and Australia's recent decision to allow uranium sales to India. more
Highlights from biographer Deborah Baker's talk in Mumbai on Nov. 26, 2011. (10 min., 14 sec.)
A Convert's Tale of Exile and Extremism
Deborah Baker recounts how Margaret Marcus of Larchmont became Maryam Jameelah of Lahore, one of the most trenchant voices of Islam's argument with the West. more

Asia 21 Fellows Reflect on the Future of Asia's Rise

Asia 21 Fellows reflect on the challenges faced by young leaders in Asia at the 2011 Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit more

Madhur Jaffrey: 'Cooking and Screaming' into the Writing Life

Authors Madhur Jaffrey, Mohsid Hamid, and Nina Godiwalla offer some insights into their careers at "Mumbai Fully Booked: The Times of India Literary Carnival." more