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How Does Media Influence Social Change?

Asia Society India Center's panel on media and social change leaves the audience with different views on the key roles of media. more

Raghav Bal: Is India the Next Super Economy?

Raghav Bahl, Adil Zainulbhai, and Indrani Bagchi discuss India's potential to be the next "super economy." more

The Xi Jinping Ascendancy

At the Asia Society India Centre, author Rowan Callick discusses the Xi Jinping ascendancy, the implications for China, and Chinese political structures. more

Cinema! Cinema! Change the Lens on Gender

Prominent screenwriters, actors, and directors in the film industry explore the question: “Can cultural narratives be employed to change social constructs?" more

A Conversation with Houston Mayor Annise D. Parker (Complete)

Annise D. Parker discusses being the first openly gay mayor of Houston and one of only two women to have ever held the position. more

Diplomatic Briefing: US Ambassador to India Richard Verma

Newly-appointed U.S. Ambassador to India Richard Verma engages in an wide-ranging talk centered on the future of the India-U.S. relationship. more

Rishi Jaitly: From Gutenberg to 140 Characters

Twitter's India and Southeast Asia Market Director argues that by putting bottom-up pressure on elected officials, Twitter is a means of changing governance for the better. more

Infrastructure and Economic Governance: Building the Future (Complete)

Michael Baird, Dr. Rajiv Lall, and James Crabtree discuss infrastructure, governance, and the economic relationship between Australia and India. more

One Step Ahead: Keynote by Suresh Prabhu

India's Cabinet Minister for Railways gives the keynote address at the "One Step Ahead" symposium co-hosted by Asia Society India Centre and J.P. Morgan Chase Bank. more