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Indian economist Kaushik Basu (L) discusses the role of the Indian government vs. private sector in development in Mumbai on May 24, 2011. (Asia Society India Centre)
The Role of State vs. Private Sector in India's Development
Indian economist Kaushik Basu on free markets vs. state intervention and government's role in land acquisition. more
(Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images)
'The Race for Water is Against Ourselves'
Water shortages in India are chronic and critical, warn panelists in Mumbai. more
Arthur C. Brooks, President of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, is the author of eight books including Gross National Happiness (
The Nature of Happiness
Arthur Brooks says most of our happiness depends on our DNA, the rest is through our life decisions. more
Farzana Shaikh discusses recent developments in Pakistan in Mumbai on February 22, 2011. (Asia Society India Centre)
Salman Taseer and Raymond Davis Highlight Confusion In Pakistan
Events of early 2011 show the extent of the country's ongoing turmoil, expert explains. more
Blackstone Group's Antony Leung speaking at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Dalian, China, in September 2009.
The Roadmap of China's Ascent
Blackstone Group's Antony Leung enumerates several of the factors that have contributed to China's rise. more
Official logo of the Jaipur Literature Festival.
Jaipur: The 'Great Indian Mela'
India's premiere literary event attracts bigger names, and bigger crowds, every year. more
Roshan COO Altaf Ladak speaking in Mumbai on Feb. 1, 2011. (Asia Society India Centre)
'Roshan' Telecom Shows How Business Can Bring Light to Afghanistan
Telecom entrepreneur explains how profit and social development can go hand in hand. more
Award winning journalist and author Pallavi Aiyar discusses her two books on China and India in Mumbai on January 31, 2011.
Do India and China Really Understand Each Other?
Pallavi Aiyar claims that China and India are far from understanding each other’s "real" people and circumstances. more
MUMBAI, January 18, 2011: (From L to R) Sudheendra Kulkarni, Chairman of Observer Research Foundation, Asia Society President Vishakha Desai and Former President Robert Oxnam at Rolling the Dice: India and China in 2025
Rolling the Dice: India and China in 2025
Asia Society President Vishakha Desai and Former President Robert Oxnam offer predictions on China and India's future. more
Pierre Omidyar, Founder and Chairman of eBay Inc., discusses innovative approaches to philanthropy in Mumbai on January 4, 2011. (4 min., 51 sec.)
Pierre Omidyar: 'Next-Generation Philanthropy' in Practice
Pierre Omidyar, "the radical philanthropist," on innovative charitable giving in the 21st century. more