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In Mumbai on July 12, Anil Kakodkar, Ashok Sethi, Bernd Forster (pictured) and Hartosh Singh Bal address concerns around nuclear power after the March 2011 disaster in Japan. (12 min., 14 sec.)
Preventing a Fukushima in India
In the wake of Japan's disaster, experts assess the viability of nuclear power in India. more
Cover art for Home Boy by H.M. Naqvi.
H.M. Naqvi: Coming of Age in the Shadow of 9/11
'Home Boy' author H.M. Naqvi explores the effects of a historical tragedy on the lives of ordinary people. more
In Mumbai on June 14, John Lee discusses whether Chinese investment in Africa is a threat to India and also speaks about China's status as a rising power. (2 min., 16 sec.)
China's Rise and the Road Ahead
John Lee argues Chinese investment in Africa shouldn't be misconstrued as a threat. more

The Future of Cross-Cultural Collaborations

Prominent arts professionals share their vision of future cultural collaborations between India and the United States. more
The New Voices Fellowship for Screenwriters will award fellowships to six Indian screenwriters. (Jeezny/Flickr)
New Voices Fellowship for Screenwriters
Asia Society India Centre is proud to announce the six 'New Voices' Fellows. more
Indian economist Kaushik Basu (L) discusses the role of the Indian government vs. private sector in development in Mumbai on May 24, 2011. (Asia Society India Centre)
The Role of State vs. Private Sector in India's Development
Indian economist Kaushik Basu on free markets vs. state intervention and government's role in land acquisition. more
(Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images)
'The Race for Water is Against Ourselves'
Water shortages in India are chronic and critical, warn panelists in Mumbai. more
Arthur C. Brooks, President of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, is the author of eight books including Gross National Happiness (
The Nature of Happiness
Arthur Brooks says most of our happiness depends on our DNA, the rest is through our life decisions. more
Farzana Shaikh discusses recent developments in Pakistan in Mumbai on February 22, 2011. (Asia Society India Centre)
Salman Taseer and Raymond Davis Highlight Confusion In Pakistan
Events of early 2011 show the extent of the country's ongoing turmoil, expert explains. more
Blackstone Group's Antony Leung speaking at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Dalian, China, in September 2009.
The Roadmap of China's Ascent
Blackstone Group's Antony Leung enumerates several of the factors that have contributed to China's rise. more