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The guided-missile destroyers USS Sampson and USS Pinkney operate in the South China Sea in 2010. (U.S. Navy/David Mercil)

Interview: U.S. 'Emboldens' Philippines In South China Sea Dispute With China

In an interview with a Global Post reporter Asia Society Senior Program Officer Andrew Billo says the U.S.'s military involvement in the South China Sea has increased tension in the region. more
Shanghai Kunqu Opera
Shanghai Kunqu Opera gives 3 performances for New York audiences
May 18-20: Shanghai Kunqu Opera offers New York audiences a rare chance to experience kunqu opera more

Highlights: US-Japan Writers' Dialogue

Japanese writers Masatsugu Ono and Tomoka Shibasaki engage in cross-cultural literary conversation with American counterparts Stuart Dybek and Kelly Link. more

The Asia-Latin America Axis (Complete)

Will the Asia-Latin America legacy of economic symbiosis endure, or will a more competitive relationship prevail? more

Creative Voices of Muslim Asia - Spring 2012

Highlights from the Spring Season of Asia Society's Creative Voices of Muslim Asia, featuring musicians and other performers from Iran, Afghanistan, Indonesia and Pakistan. more

Japan/America: Writers' Dialogue (Complete)

A pair of top translators facilitate a cross-cultural exchange between Japanese and American writers. more
Picture dated 20 November 1953 of Iranian ex-Premier Mohammed Mossadegh using his hand to make a point during one of his frequent interruptions of court proceedings in Tehran's military tribunal, trying him for treason. (STF/AFP/Getty Images)

Book Excerpt: 'Patriot of Persia' by Christopher de Bellaigue

Read the prologue from the new book about former Iranian prime minister Muhammad Mossadegh. Author Christopher de Bellaigue will appear at Asia Society New York on Tuesday, May 15. more

Huang Ruo: Excerpts from Sun Yat-Sen

Concert excerpts from a new opera about one of the major figures of 20th-century China, along with insights from the composer. more
Chinese activist activist Chen Guangcheng (L) is seen in a wheelchair pushed by a nurse at the Chaoyang hospital in Beijing on May 2, 2012. (Jordan Pouille/AFP/GettyImages)

Interview: Former US Ambassador Speaks Out on 'Murky' Chen Guangcheng Saga

Former U.S. Ambassador to China Winston Lord says the U.S. government is likely doing everything it can to help ensure legal reformer Chen Guangcheng's rights. more
Arif Lohar in concert at Asia Society New York on Saturday, April 28, 2012. (Elsa Ruiz/Asia Society)

Watch: Complete NY Concert by Pakistani Living Legend Arif Lohar

Asia Society New York is still buzzing after last weekend's two sold-out performances by Pakistan's beloved balladeer Arif Lohar. Relive the magic whenever you want with this complete video of the Saturday show. more