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Worldwide Locations

New York

Yangzom Brauen: 'Across Many Mountains' (Complete)

Actress and Tibet activist Yangzom Brauen recounts her family history in an unflinching new memoir. more

'Voices from Burma' (Complete)

A distinguished panel of writers, actors, dissidents and photojournalists reads from a powerful new anthology of first-person Burmese writings. more

Deng Xiaoping: Confidence, Not Arrogance

What were the traits that let China's Deng Xiaoping maintain power for so long? more

Ezra Vogel: Deng's Decision

Deng Xiaoping's biographer speculates about the thinking behind the 1989 Tianamen Square massacre. more

Ezra Vogel on Deng Xiaoping (Complete)

A landmark new English-language biography of Deng Xiaoping traces Deng's path from purges and exile to the very top of China's Communist Party. more

Celebrating Faiz Ahmed Faiz (Complete)

Readings and performances commemorate the centennial of the multifaceted Urdu poet. more

Patrick French's India (Complete)

Watch: One writer's attempt to capture the breadth and diversity of India between two covers. more
The site of Nalanda University in Bihar, India.
Restoring Nalanda: A Lecture with Amartya Sen
The Nobel Laureate, India's leading public intellectual, makes the case for resurrecting a great university. more

Amartya Sen on Nalanda's Critics

Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen responds to news about the Former President's role in the Nalanda revival project and other criticism. more

Interview with Amartya Sen on Reviving Nalanda

Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen discusses his vision behind the revival of Nalanda University and the relevance for India today. more