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Limca — an official "cool drink," as determined by Samosapedia. (jasleen_kaur/Flickr)

Samosapedia: Decoding the UrbanDictionary of South Asia

Founded in 2011, Samosapedia is a comical crowd-sourced guide to lively linguistic stew of South Asia. more
Arieb Azhar in concert in New York City on July 3, 2012.

Video: Dueling Takes on 'Dama Dam Mast Qalandar' from Arieb Azhar and Arif Lohar

Concert clips from Arieb Azhar and Arif Lohar prove you can't have too much of a good thing. more
Shadow Puppet Performance at Asia Society
Traditional Javanese shadow puppetry comes to New York more
Maya Soetoro-Ng (L) with Asia Society President Vishakha Desai in New York on July 10, 2012. (Nan Melville/Asia Society)

Video: Obama's Half-Sister Credits Their Mother for 'Freedom to Be Many Things'

Maya Soetoro-Ng credits her mother, the late Ann Dunham, with giving her the ability to see things from multiple perspectives at once. more

Maya Soetoro-Ng: On Family Ties and a Shared Mother

Maya Soetoro-Ng discusses family ties and her late mother in a talk with Asia Society President Vishakha Desai. more

A Conversation with Maya Soetoro-Ng (Complete)

Educator and author Maya Soetoro-Ng joins Asia Society President Vishakha Desai for a wide-ranging talk on her life and her commitment to global learning and peace education. more

Arieb Azhar: 'Dama Dam Mast Qalandar'

Performing in New York, Arieb Azhar offers his own take on the beloved Sufi classic. more

Q & A with 'Wandering Dervish' Arieb Azhar

Pakistani musician Arieb Azhar discusses his career and his cosmopolitan outlook on music with Asia Society's Rachel Cooper. more
Arieb Azhar. (Shahzad Ali Mirza)

Preview: Pakistani Singer-Songwriter Arieb Azhar Gives New Life to Old Texts

A look at some of the cultural context behind Pakistani singer-songwriter Arieb Azhar's music, ahead of his July 3 performance in New York City's River to River Festival. more

Learning with the World (Complete)

Veteran newsman Dan Rather joins a panel of experts to assess what lessons America's education system can take from Asia. more