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Detail from "Ferdowsi encounters the court poets of Ghazna," from the Shahnameh of Shah Tahmasp, ca. 1532, attributed to Aqa Mirak (Aga Khan Trust for Culture). Featured on the cover of "The World of Persian Literary Humanism" by Hamid Dabashi (Harvard University Press, 2012).

Interview: Hamid Dabashi Navigates 1400 Years of Persian Literary Tradition

Columbia University scholar discusses the theories of "literary humanism" advanced in his new book. more
L:  "Northern Girls" by Sheng Keyi (Penguin Group Australia, 2012). R: The author (Feng Tang).

Book Excerpt: 'Northern Girls' by Sheng Keyi

One of China's leading new novelists puts a human face on the phenomenon of mass migration. more

New Horizons in Global Education, with Jeffrey Sachs (Complete)

Jeffrey Sachs joins a panel on how education can prepare students for the challenges of an increasingly globalized 21st century. more

Obama Visit Will 'Boost' Reform in Myanmar

NEW YORK, November 15, 2012 — Asia Society's Suzanne DiMaggio says Beijing will closely monitor Barack Obama's Asia trip to get a sense of how much the U.S. hopes to increase its influence in the region. more

Peter Perdue: A 'Moral Tone' to Chinese Leadership Succession

Yale historian reflects on the tendency of nearly every Chinese leader to put his mark on the period of his rule. more

Peter Perdue: Continuity from Qing Dynasty to Today

Yale historian compares China's 18th Party Congress to the succession practices among the ruling Manchus during the Qing Dynasty. more

J. Michael Evans: A Reform Agenda for China

J. Michael Evans sees economic rebalancing, U.S.-China relations, and challenges to the legitimacy of one-party rule as the biggest priorities facing China's new leaders. more

Richard H. Solomon: Is the Party Listening to the People?

Richard H. Solomon weighs the impact of a more globally involved Chinese public on the mandates of the new leadership as they tackle reform and economic growth. more

Winston Lord: The Tiananmen Question

NEW YORK, October 24, 2012 — Former Ambassador to China Winston Lord discusses the lingering imperative for the new Chinese leadership to address the verdict of the famed 'incident' in Tiananmen Square. more

Winston Lord: Xi Jinping and the 'Perils of Prediction'

NEW YORK, October 24, 2012 — Former Ambassador to China Winston Lord expands on the danger of passing lasting judgement on the new regime, and particularly new leader Xi Jinping. more