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Delegates convene at the 2011 Women Leaders of New Asia conference in Singapore. (Asia Society)

Vishakha Desai: Rising Asia Must Forge Path for More Women to Lead

Asian countries must ensure that women are key players in the region's rapid growth, argue Asia Society President Vishakha Desai and National University of Singapore Vice-Dean Astrid S. Tuminez. more

Art and Patronage in Mughal Delhi, Part I

Scholars Michael Fisher, David Lelyveld and Frances Pritchett deliver presentations on key figures from India's late Mughal period. more
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un salutes as he watches a military parade in Pyongyang on Apr. 15, 2012, two days after a North Korean rocket apparently exploded within minutes of blastoff and plunged into the sea. (Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images)

Victor Cha: U.S. Gloats Over North Korea's 'Failed Sputnik' at Its Own Peril

North Korea's failed satellite launch last week doesn't mean the hermit kingdom won't try, and succeed, in the future, says George W. Bush's Asia adviser. more

Afghanistan: A Major Strategic Failure for the US

Vali Nasr explores the causes underlying what he describes as America's "singular failure" after more than 10 years in Afghanistan. more
An overcast day over the old and new China. (**Maurice**/Flickr)

To Understand China, Does It Help To Be From Minnesota?

Associate Fellow Jeffrey Wasserstrom contemplates whether U.S. reporters and writers from Minnesota who cover China well are stealing the mantle from the previous leader, Missouri. more

Vali Nasr on the US, Afghanistan and Pakistan (Complete)

Vali Nasr looks at the mounting strains in the relationship between the U.S., Pakistan, and Afghanistan, in conversation with Saeed Shafqat and Christine Fair. more

Indian Dance in the 21st Century (Complete)

Demonstrations and a discussion offer a multifaceted take on the contemporary practice of classical Indian dance. more

Frank Lavin's Tips for Going Global

Frank Lavin's essential pointers for any U.S. business seeking to export into new markets, particularly Asia. more

Frank Lavin on Entering New Markets (Complete)

Former U.S. Department of Commerce official Frank Lavin draws on his Asia experience to offer a strategy for taking any-sized business global. more
Sean Leow, co-founder of the Shanghai agency NeochaEDGE, at Asia Society New York on March 9, 2012.

Video: Sean Leow on China's Bottom-Up Surge in Creativity

Sean Leow, co-founder of NeoEDGE, discusses China's emerging creative community, and the "neo-traditionalist" style taking hold there. more