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A Conversation with Gary Locke (Complete)

America's Ambassador to China assesses its just-completed leadership transition with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News and Asia Society's Orville Schell. more

Wu Qing's Chinese Characters

The rights activist explicates Chinese characters and how they form the foundation of her ideas about politics and social life. more

New Priorities, New Policies for South Asia

Diplomats and policy experts offer recommendations for a more strategic long-term U.S. approach to South Asia. more

Wu Qing in Conversation (Complete)

China's tireless legislator and activist discusses women's rights, human rights, and how the two are integrally connected. more
(From L to R) Suzanne DiMaggio, Husain Haqqani, Frank Wisner, Alexander Evans at Asia Society on Dec.12, 2012 (Debra Eisenman/Asia Society)

Experts: Time for Recalibrating US Policy Toward South Asia

At a report launch event today, panelists stressed that the opportunity now exists to implement a long-term, integrated U.S. strategy for the region. more

The US and South Asia After Afghanistan (Complete)

Experts discuss the prospects for achieving a strategic U.S. approach to South Asia and the hard choices an incoming Administration will need to make to get there. more
L:  "The Illicit Happiness of Other People" by Manu Joseph (W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.). R: The author. (Ritesh Uttamchandani)

Book Excerpt: 'The Illicit Happiness of Other People' by Manu Joseph

Join the Chackos family's quest for happiness in 1980s Madras, ahead of the author's appearance at Asia Society New York. more

Alexander Evans on the US and South Asia After Afghanistan

In a new Asia Society report, Bernard Schwartz Fellow Alexander Evans outlines the steps Washington can take to forge a more strategic, cohesive, and successful policy toward South Asia. more

Lawrence H. Summers on 'The Social Network'

Former Harvard President addresses his depiction in the 2010 Hollywood film "The Social Network," which dramatizes the birth of Facebook at Harvard during his tenure. more

Summers: 'Consequences Will Be Disastrous'

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary outlines what could happen if U.S. spending cuts go into effect at close of 2012. more