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New York

In Concert: Wu Man and The Knights (Complete)

China's pipa virtuoso joins New York's progressive classical ensemble for a program that includes Lou Harrison, Debussy, and more. more

Chinese Overconfidence and American Illusions

Kishore Mahbubani outlines his vision of the next phase of U.S.-China relations and describes a worrisome myopia among U.S. officials. more

Kishore Mahbubani and Ian Bremmer (Complete)

Singapore's veteran diplomat discusses his new book "The Great Convergence" with analyst Ian Bremmer. more

Seymour Topping: 'Hasn't Been Much Change' in the CCP

Seymour Topping, who interviewed CCP leaders in 1946, believes the Party looks much the same now as it did then. more

Edward Wong: Microblogs and Political Change in China

Edward Wong discusses whether the rise of microblogs will be a significant factor in political reform in China. more

Nick Kristof: China Doesn't Want Its Own John Boehner

In a panel celebrating the launch of Asia Society's new website ChinaFile, Nicholas Kristof discusses whether or not he sees a grassroots desire for democracy in China. more
A panel of New York Times Beijing correspondents gathered onstage at Asia Society New York on February 5, 2013. L to R: Seymour Topping, Fox Butterfield, Nicholas Kristof, moderator Orville Schell, Elisabeth Rosenthal, Joseph Kahn, and Edward Wong. (Elsa Ruiz/Asia Society)

Video: Six NY Times Correspondents Share Half-Century of China Experience

Six former and current New York Times China correspondents gathered at Asia Society New York to discuss what's changed, what's stayed the same, and where it's all headed. more

Covering China Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (Complete)

Six current and former New York Times China correspondents join moderator Orville Schell in a lively discussion marking the launch of Asia Society's new website ChinaFile. more

Brahma Chellaney: A Commodity 'More Valuable Than Oil'

The Bernard Schwartz Book Award winner describes Asia's looming water security challenges and proposes some potential market- and policy-based solutions. more

2012 Bernard Schwartz Book Award (Complete)

2012 Book Award winner Brahma Chellaney outlines the threats he sees to Asia's water security, and how they might be contained. more