Worldwide Locations

Worldwide Locations

New York

The 2014 Osborn Elliott Prize (Complete)

Asia Society's awards ceremony for the 2014 "Oz Prize" brings together journalists from Reuters, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. more

Made in China: New Voices in Western Opera (Complete)

Soprano Ying Huang, baritone Yunpeng Wang, and pianist Siyi Fang join music critic Ken Smith for a lively look at China's growing presence on the international opera stage. more

The People-to-People Exchange Experience

Dynamic American youth speak about their variety of immersive educational experiences in China. more

The Art of Bringing Chinese Literature to the World

Panelists at Asia Society's 2014 National Chinese Language Conference discuss the challenges of recreating an unfamiliar culture in English. more

Building U.S.–China Relations with a Banjo

Abigail Washburn sings and strums her way through a multimedia presentation of her musical collaborations with China and her love for American and Chinese folk music traditions. more

Diversity Leadership Forum: Q&A with Chris Lee and Tina Edmundson

Michael Chen talks to Tina Edmundson and Chris Lee about what "diversity" means in a multinational company setting. more

China's Coal Districts: 'A Very Visceral Experience'

Reporter Jaeah Lee describes seeing the effects of air pollution firsthand in Lanzhou, and "Gasland" director Josh Fox argues that China's growing reliance on fracking is "all the more reason to ban it everywhere else." more

Fracking and China's Energy Revolution (Complete)

Ella Chou, Josh Fox, Jaeah Lee, Orville Schell, and James West assess China's energy future in light of its growing reliance on fracking. more

Diversity Leadership Forum: Next Generation Leadership

Stephanie N. Mehta talks to Samir Pandiri, John Kim, and Sofia Chang about effectively leading and developing corporate culture. more

Diversity Leadership Forum: Jyoti Chopra on the Corporate Survey

Jyoti Chopra describes distinctive features of the 2014 Asian Pacific American Corporate Survey and related Diversity Leadership Forum. more