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Buddhist Art of Myanmar: The Intersection of Faith and Karma (Complete)

Donald M. Stadtner, one of two guest curators of the Asia Society Museum exhibition "Buddhist Art of Myanmar," offers an in-depth perspective on the exhibition. more

TEQ Series #6: Sun Burford's Grade 7 & 8 Novice Chinese Class

Sun Burford of Tyee Middle School in Washington is featured in the next installment in Asia Society's Instructional Videos for Chinese Language Teachers: TEQ Series. more

TEQ Series #5: Shwu-fen Lin's Grade 9 & 10 Intermediate Chinese Class

Asia Society's latest instructional video for Chinese-language teachers focuses on Shwu-fen Lin of Princeton Public Schools in New Jersey. more

TEQ Series #4: Shiffon Theodorou's Grade 9 Novice-Mid Chinese Class

Asia Society's latest instructional video for Chinese-language teachers focuses on Shiffon Theodorou of Simsbury Public Schools in Connecticut. more

Buddhist Art of Myanmar: Earth Goddess (Vasudhara)

Sylvia Fraser-Lu, guest curator for Asia Society Museum's exhibition "Buddhist Art of Myanmar," discusses a wood sculpture of a serene female figure and her role in local Buddhist lore. more

Buddhist Art of Myanmar: Birth of the Buddha

Donald Stadtner, a guest curator of "Buddhist Art of Myanmar," shares insights into a late-12th-century sandstone sculpture depicting the Buddha's semi-divine origin. more

Buddhist Art of Myanmar: 19th-Century Bronze Bell

Asia Society's Adriana Proser explains the significance, for Buddhists, of a 19th-c. bronze bell featured in the exhibition "Buddhist Art of Myanmar." more

Museums in the 21st Century: New Paradigms and Practices

Richard Armstrong, Melissa Chiu, and Tom Finkelpearl discuss financial models for museums in the U.S. and abroad and potential new directions in museum education. more

The Museum in a 'Majority-Minority' Community

Tom Finkelpearl, commissioner of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, discusses the need to cultivate more diverse museum audiences in 21st-century America. more

The Changing Landscape of Museums Today (Complete)

On the release of Asia Society's publication "Making a Museum in the 21st Century," Richard Armstrong, Melissa Chiu, Peggy Loar, and Tom Finkelpearl assess key issues facing museums today. more