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New York

Exhibition Symposium: 'Secrets of the Sea: A Tang Shipwreck and Early Trade in Asia' — Keynote Address

The landmark symposium presents a comprehensive review of the Belitung shipwreck's cargo. more

'It Was My First Experience of Someone Telling Me I Don't Belong'

Dalia Fahmy recounts a frightening incident in a New Jersey parking lot in which she was targeted for being Muslim. more

Islam: Debating Democracy, Tolerance, and Terrorism (Complete)

Dalia Fahmy, Shadi Hamid, and Mengia Hong Tschalaer discuss the current crises of the Islamic faith. more

Sanam Marvi and Arieb Azhar Sing 'Mahi Year Di Garholi'

The Pakistani singers performed at Asia Society in New York more

Arieb Azhar Sings 'Husne Haqiqi'

The Pakistani singer performs the Sufi poem 'Husne Haqiqi.' more

Sanam Marvi Sings 'Mai Ta Aap Khayaal'

Pakistani singer Sanam Marvi performs the Sufi poem "Mai Ta Aap Khayaal." more

Sanam Marvi and Arieb Azhar Sing 'Laal Meri Patt'

Sanam Marvi and Arieb Azhar sing "Laal Meri Patt" at Asia Society. more

Sanam Marvi Sings 'Asan Ishq Da Kalma Parh Bethe'

The song was part of the Pakistani superstar's recent performance at Asia Society. more

Why Chinese Dissidents Sought a 'Spiritual Revolution' in China

Ian Johnson and Ian Buruma discuss moral "malaise" in China and two events that sparked interest in religious conversion. more

ChinaFile Presents: The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao (Complete)

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ian Johnson discusses his new book about China’s massive spiritual revival at Asia Society. more