Worldwide Locations

Worldwide Locations

New York

Documentary Q & A: Conservationist Sun Shan

The former Director of the Shanshui Conservation Center discusses traditional rural communities whose way of life is at risk in modern-day China. more

In Conversation: Meredith Monk and Pico Iyer

Highlights from a talk between composer, choreographer, and singer Meredith Monk and the writer Pico Iyer. more

Documentary Q & A: 'Waking the Green Tiger' (Complete)

After a screening of Gary Marcuse's documentary about a grassroots campaign to block a dam on the Yangtze River, Asia Society's Orville Schell talks with environmental activist Shi Lihong, who is featured in the film. more

Artist Talk: 'Song of the Jasmine' (Complete)

Ranee Ramaswamy and Aparna Ramaswamy of Ragamala Dance and composer/musician Rudresh Mahanthappa discuss their creative process and how they came to collaborate. more

Highlights: 'I Land'

Combining Hawai'ian hula, hip-hop, and spoken word, 'I Land' dramatizes a search for the meaning of heritage and culture in a post-modern world. more

Ratan Thiyam's 'Nine Hills One Valley'

From Manipur, India — Ratan Thiyam's Chorus Repertory Theatre presents a powerful theatrical allegory. more

Excerpts: Ibrahim Quraishi's '5 Streams'

Ibrahim Quraishi presents '5 Streams,' a multimedia journey through themes reinterpreted from Hindu and Islamic texts. more

Dr. Tererai Trent: 'My Hunger for an Education'

Highlights from the keynote address by education activist Dr. Tererai Trent at Asia Society's 2014 Partnership for Global Learning Conference. more

Q & A with 'Sold' Director Jeffrey D. Brown

After a screening, the team behind a new feature centered on human trafficking in South Asia discuss issues raised by the film. more

India Prospective 2014 (Complete)

Asia Society, KPMG LLP, and the U.S.-India Business Council host a panel discussion parsing the economic impact of India's new budget plan. more