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Worldwide Locations

New York

Global Education in American Schools

Joel Klein, Robert Hormats, Orville Schell and Gaston Caperton discuss what it will take to bring U.S. schools into the 21st century. more
Dr. Gao Yaojie (David Cowhig)
Chinese AIDS Activist Speaks Out
Video interview with Dr. Gao Yaojie, internationally honored 80-year-old AIDS activist. more
Chuck Hagel: Candidate for President?
The senator speaks out on Afghanistan, Iraq and world nuclear (in)stability...and the presidency? Watch the video. more
North Korea: Bill Richardson at the Asia Society
Bill Richardson discusses his experiences in and dealing with North Korea. Watch the video now. more
Gov. Bill Richardson (Photo by sskennel/flickr)
Asia & the United States in the 21st Century—Building Our Future Together
Discussion with Governor Bill Richardson. more

Henry Kissinger on U.S. - China Relations

Henry Kissinger speaks with Orville Schell about U.S.- China relations during his two terms as National Security Advisor. more

Edward Luce: Strange Rise of Modern India

Author Edward Luce discusses his book, 'In Spite of the Gods: The Strange Rise of Modern India', in which he examines the complexities of Indian society and the surprises he encountered while writing the book. more
Senator John Edwards (
John Edwards on the Future of US-China Relations
Discussion with Leslie Stahl and Senator John Edwards. more
An Agriculture Ministry worker sprays disinfectant at cages at a bird farm in Jakarta, Indonesia, Monday, Sept. 26, 2005. (quiplash/flickr)
Avian Flu in Asia
How should Asia prepare for the next great pandemic? more
The Quest for Peace and Prosperity in the Asia-Pacific and Beyond
Speech by H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Republic of Korea. more