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Chindia Dialogues: Cyberwriter and Cybercoolies

Chinese writers, bloggers and media critics explore the Chinese literary landscape and its relationship to the Internet. more

Chindia Dialogues: Literary Border Crossings (Complete)

Noted Indian intellectuals and a Chinese scholar address the idea of "the writer as traveler." more

Underground & Undercover: Literary Reportage (Complete)

A diverse roster of literary reporters bear witness to the effects of modernization in a variety of Asian contexts. more

Amitav Ghosh: The 'O' Wars, Then and Now

A historical novelist's research into the Opium Wars leads him to suggest parallels with wars in our own time. more

Amitav Ghosh and Jonathan Spence (Complete)

A leading historian of China and a historical novelist assess China and India's historical relations, focusing particularly on the Opium Wars. more
The Williamsburg Conference, Singapore, May 2011.
The Williamsburg Conference 2011
May 13-15, 2011 Singapore more

Mongolian PM: 'Fine-Tuning' Environmental Protection

Mongolia's delicate balancing act between economic growth and environmental protection. more

Mongolia Investment Forum (Complete)

After a keynote by the Prime Minister, a panel of experts assesses the current foreign investment scenario in Mongolia. more

Riaz Khan on Afghanistan and US-Pakistan Expectations

Pakistan's former Foreign Secretary shares his insights into Pakistan's role in the Afghanistan conflict. more

Rahul Mehrotra: Indian Architecture Since 1990

An illustrated talk on the directions contemporary Indian architecture is taking when the Indian economy and middle classes are growing in size and influence. more