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The Asia Foundation's 2011 Survey of the Afghan People

The 2011 survey found more people satisfied with education, water and health provision than before. more

Chandran Nair and Consumptionomics (Complete)

Asia must look to an alternative to the Western model of consumption-led economic growth, says Chandran Nair. more

How Much Is That 'Spider Butterfly' in the Window?

Video: Up-close and personal with U-Ram Choe's hypnotic window installation. more

The Chindia Dialogues: Concert Highlights

Funky, soulful concert excerpts from Asia Society's Fall 2011 arts and culture festival focused on India and China. more

Mohamad Junaid: Hindus and Muslims in Kashmir

Kashmiri anthropologist Mohamad Junaid speaks about the relationship between the Hindu and Muslim communities in the disputed valley. more

Kashmir: The Case for Freedom (Complete)

Arundhati Roy, Pankaj Mishra and Mohamad Junaid argue for Kashmiri independence. more

Mohamad Junaid: Kashmiris Would Not Have an Army

Kashmiri anthropologist Mohamad Junaid shares his vision of a possible future for Kashmir. more

Arundhati Roy: They Have the Right to Choose

Arguing for Kashmiri self-determination, author and activist Arundhati Roy says the conflict there underlies South Asia's wider tensions. more

An 'Out of the Box' Proposal for China, Taiwan and the US

Should the U.S. cut Taiwan loose in exchange for China's forgiving $1 trillion in American debt? Simon Tay reflects. more

Tay on America's Role in Asia and the World

Asia Society's latest Task Force Report calls on the U.S. to renew and deepen its engagement with East Asia. more