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Rabindranath Tagore. Untitled (Striding  bird), 1928. Collection of Rabindra Bhavana, Acc. No. 00-2208-16.
Rabindranath Tagore: The Last Harvest
September 9 - December 31, 2011. Marking the 150th anniversary of the year of Tagore’s birth, this exhibition comprises more than 60 works. more
Brokaw's historic Meet the Press interview with Zhao Ziyang.

Video: Tom Brokaw Tells Tales of Reporting in China

Former NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw recounted four decades of China coverage during an intimate dinner at Asia Society New York. more

Tom Brokaw Reflects on His Work in China

Tom Brokaw, former anchor of NBC Nightly News, reflects on reporting trips to China that span four decades. more
Tsunami survivors Shota Endo (L) and Kei Endo eat relief food outside an evacuation center suffering from power cuts in Shichigahama town, Miyagi prefecture on April 8, 2011. (Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images)
Recovery in Japan: Voices from the Ground
Leaders in Japan disaster relief report on the latest civil society efforts to help tsunami and earthquake victims. more
Dr. Lobsang Sangay, newly elected Kalon Tripa (or Prime Minister) of the Tibetan Government in Exile, discusses the contentious issues that will dominate his first year in office July 19, 2011 at the Asia Society in New York. (90 min., 39 sec.)
Defining a 'Middle Path' for Tibet and China
Lobsang Sangay, newly elected Kalon Tripa (or Prime Minister) of the Tibetan Government in Exile, spoke July 19, 2011, at Asia Society in New York about the new challenges and political responsibilities he inherits from the Dalai Lama. more
Taiwan Government Information Minister Philip Yang refrains from endorsing China's claims to the South China Sea in New York on July 12, 2011. (2 min., 57 sec.)
Negotiations With a Giant: Taiwan's 'Win-Win' Strategy
Taiwan's Information Minister emphasizes the necessity of "equal footing" in cross-strait relations. more
Hassina Sherjan (L) speaking with Michael Hanna (R) at Asia Society New York on June 23, 2011.
America's Next Moves in Afghanistan
As the U.S. accelerates its withdrawal from Afghanistan, panelists debate whether reconciliation with the Taliban is feasible, or even possible. more
A survivor wrapped in a blanket stands to look on tsunami-damaged town at Ishinomaki city in Miyagi prefecture on March 13, 2011. (Yomiuri Shimbun/AFP/Getty Images)
Voices from the Ground: Civil Society Reports from Japan
A panel discussion focuses on post-tsunami Japan, and the path to reconstruction, on Thursday, July 21 at 6:00 pm. more

Creative Voices of Muslim Asia

A multidisciplinary initiative using the arts as a springboard to understand the diversity of Islam as a creative inspiration. more
Socially Conscious Designers at AsiaStore
Asia Store is hosting a showcase of socially conscious designers. Open Monday through Sunday. more