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Reporting on China (Complete)

Photojournalist Mark Leong, ChinaFile editor Susan Jakes and Orville Schell share firsthand perspectives on covering the PRC. more

Bob Woodruff: The Iraqi Who Helped Save My Life

Bob Woodruff reflects on the reversal in the flow of refugees between Iraq and Syria and describes what happened to the interpreter who helped save his life. more

Bob Woodruff: 'We Don't Know Where the Bombs Are'

Bob Woodruff of ABC News touches on the qualities that made reporting from Iraq and Afghanistan different from covering previous U.S. wars. more

Bob Woodruff and Mike Boettcher (Complete)

War correspondents Bob Woodruff and Mike Boettcher discuss their experience reporting Afghanistan and Iraq. more

APEC 2013: 'China Stole the Show'

Curtis S. Chin and Monica Whaley offer varying perspectives on the U.S. presence at the fall 2013 APEC summit. more

China-US: Trust Before Cooperation, or Vice Versa?

Elizabeth Economy, Zha Daojiong and Nina Hachigian enumerate specific areas of difference between China and the U.S., such as the Korean peninsula. more

Competition or Cooperation? (Complete)

Elizabeth Economy and fellow China scholars look at the U.S.-Chinese relationship in the context of investment and development worldwide. more

In Conversation With Actress Shohreh Aghdashloo

The Iranian actress talks about getting her part in "House of Sand and Fog," being typecast and working with Jon Stewart on his directorial debut. more
Prof. Odd Arne Westad, winner of the 2013 Asia Society Bernard Schwartz Book Award, speaks at Asia Society New York on December 18, 2013. (David Barreda/Asia Society)

Focus on Asia Will Define China's Near-Term Foreign Policy, Says Historian Westad

Historian Odd Arne Westad says China's leaders see the country as a regional power and ought to develop a more cooperative relationship with Southeast Asia. more

Secrets of the Ramen Burger

Keizo Shimamoto, creator of the ramen burger, describes what it was like to taste his creation for the first time and what he plans to do with it next. more